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Proper Use of the Garbage Truck Batteries

Proper Use of the Garbage Truck Batteries

Nov 13, 2019

Proper Use of the Garbage Truck Batteries

Now, waste car batteries for most of the dry-charged battery, plus the advantage of not charging after completion electrolyte case within 40 to 50 minutes so that garbage trucks can start. Some friends do not understand the principle of the phase will not be maintained, so that battery life is much shorter.


How to correctly select and use the battery it?

1st , Buy a battery on the battery when the first letter identification, where the letter with the QA charge for the battery.

2nd , when the first electrolyte add electrolyte after shaking, additional batteries, and note that the electrolyte must not be spilled on hands and clothes.

3rd , The usual traffic should always check whether the ventilation hole battery cover, if the battery cover holes blocked, the resulting hydrogen and oxygen, did not break out, expanding the electrolyte when the battery case bursting will reduce battery life .

4th , Add liquid when the batteries do not let other substances fall within the subject matter to go out into, do not use metal material, the application folder of dry sticks out impurities, such as by wire or copper wire to hook the metal molecules acid corrosion in the sparse form of self-discharge into the battery, damage to the battery.

5th ,There is no sign the line battery, electrolyte added to the higher than 10-15 mm to the plate; there are two red batteries, the electrolyte above the red line no more than Germany.

Some drivers think that the more power the greater the increase of electrolyte, which is wrong. Dongfeng garbage truck at high speed, generator speed is high; its power is greater than the battery and start charging the battery, then the electrolyte will be expanded, if the increase is too full of electrolyte from the battery cover holes in the overflow. Electrolyte is conductive, once the flow is also solution to the positive and negative self-discharge will form between the poles, garbage trucks can not start, and to shorten battery life. In such cases the application of cotton yarn to wipe the electrolyte, such as too close indelibly, the application of water washing cloth.

6th , Should always check electrolyte fluid levels, and the time to add electrolyte. Within the battery during the winter to add additional liquid, preferably in the garbage truck started, the engine is running to join, avoid electrolyte freezing.

7th ,The long-term unused every 25 days or so garbage trucks garbage trucks should be mobilized, hand throttle control of medium speed for about 20 minutes, or put too long, such as garbage trucks with the car will not start.

8th , Start sealing garbage truck every time you start no more than 3 to 5 seconds, re-start interval of not less than 15 seconds, as many still do not start the car, fair from the start circuit, such as the suction pulled the starter and ignition coil circuit and others to find a cause.

9th , It should not replace a garbage truck battery capacity than the original battery, because the amount of garbage the car is fixed generators, power generation will not grow as large capacity battery for a new battery will charge less than electricity, garbage trucks cannot be successfully launched the long-term loss of battery power bad faster.

10th , The battery removed parts from the garbage truck came, should be dismantled and then removed the negative cathode, when fitted to the contrary. Sure to charge the battery cover screw, the hand cannot be used with open flame near the mouth of the battery is charging, because the charging when the battery is easy to generate hydrogen detonation, bombing bad battery, the electrolyte will be hurt.