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Prospect of the Aerial Platform Truck

Prospect of the Aerial Platform Truck

Oct 19, 2019

Prospect of the Aerial Platform Truck


Aerial platform truck is a way to operating personnel, tools, materials held by operating platform into the air the specified location for a variety of installation, maintenance and other operating bucket truck is special purpose vehicles but also belong to the engineering machinery, is a important construction equipment.


The Impact of Macroeconomic Development of Aerial Platform Vehicles

Aerial work is an advanced climbing operation, its development is closely related with the level of development of the national economy, the more economically developed, the greater the demand, and the greater the demand per unit of GDP .aerial platform truck, the market demand and economies of scale and with the degree of economic development, which is precisely that aerial vehicles in China has a very broad prospects for development.

High Security, High Operating Efficiency and High Environmental Adaptability Requirements

Aerial vehicles as an engineering vehicle, its particularity is that: The first manned high-altitude operations, operations security requirements than the general engineering vehicles, the so-called "high Security; construction workplace environment. "non-structural, that is, its working environment is unpredictable and changeable, thus requiring a high adaptability to the environment; is often used for the repair job, and more for outdoor or field operations, the operating environment conditions, so its operation of the "high efficiency".

"City" Project Vehicle Characteristics

In China basically concentrated on the city or town, the working conditions of transport vehicles and construction machinery better, and is mainly used for back-end infrastructure and day-to-day maintenance and repair of its service life expectations, therefore, requires different characteristics and general engineering vehicle requirements: multi-function; beautiful appearance, paint colors have both works vehicles stable, but also the vitality of the car, and to long-term. Flexible; may be appropriate to the loading of goods, such as working tools, equipment, materials.

Personalized, Differentiated Demand

Due to the wide range of uses of aerial bucket vehicles, involve multi-industry, the job content of each industry is different, According to incomplete statistics, China's annual only city building maintenance due to the use of aerial work basket fall, has led to nearly 5000 deaths, which practices in the developed world has basically disappeared, replaced by aerial vehicles. Therefore, the future city building maintenance will be extensive use of aerial vehicles.

The equipment rental industry in developed countries is the main force of the procurement of aerial vehicles, accounting for 80% of the total demand, while China is almost zero, the user to use must be purchased. With the development of China's construction equipment rental industry, the user does not have to invest in can be rented to the leasing industry will inevitably lead to a large number of additions to the rental industry will be the biggest industry of the growth potential of the market demand of aerial vehicles.

Comprehensive analysis, the reference to the situation of developed countries, compared to aerial vehicles reality demand and potential demand is very small, and will maintain a continued rapid pace of development in the next 20 to 30 years of aerial vehicles. 2015, the ownership will be about 10,000 units in 2008 to at least about 40,000 and about 10% -20% annual growth rate of speed of development.