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Tips for Reduce Fuel Consumption for Dump Truck

Tips for Reduce Fuel Consumption for Dump Truck

Jun 23, 2020

Tips for Reduce Fuel Consumption for Dump Truck

1, Always apply the appropriate choice of the most low-end starting according to the dump truck weight,

2. If the dump truck is lack of motivation, as much as possible so that the dumper engine tachometer pointer down to the lowest point of the economic region, only minus the next shift;

3. Acceleration, if conditions allow, you can skip the dump truck shift, try 1-3-5 shift mode;

4. The maximum dumper speed should not be too high and stable for a long time to stabilize the speed of the vehicle is the most economical;

5. Pay more attention to dump truck road conditions in advance to handle the situation as little as possible with all kinds of brake and throttle to control speed;

6. Normal dumper road driving, the best on pointer speed control in the 1300 round of the green area

7. When encountered on the downhill, the automatic and manual shift to a reasonable swap; such as: steep slopes optional manual transmission available automatic transmission under the gentle slope; available automatic transmission on steep slopes, on a gentle slope to the available manual transmission;

It is better not to brake downhill, the dump truck going downhill when the accumulation speed. If needed, use engine braking unless absolutely necessary, otherwise do not use the foot brake;

Slow down when approaching traffic lights, the first retarder, do not have to make the truck look at a complete stop, a reasonable plan to reduce the number of stops (every 10 km increase a stop, the fuel consumption would increase by approximately 35%; 10 times every 10 kilometers, parking and speed make the fuel consumption increased by 130%);

Choose to use the brake least as well as the road is relatively flat route, the most upscale select cruise travel, fuel consumption reduced by 10%, to maximize the vehicle's own inertia; On the mountain roads, the traffic, but also need to maximize the dump truck's inertia, such as inertia rushed uphill, downhill ECO ROLL neutral glide function, helps fuel economy;

If dump truck overload one ton, the fuel consumption per hundred ton-kilometers will increase 0.3L --- 0.4L; Caring for yourself and your dump truck vehicle always in good working condition;

The dump truck engine oil filler in the middle of the carved lines and engraved lines are partial to the next little bit to, oil level too high will increase your fuel consumption; Regularly check the dump truck tire pressure, based on the total weight of the dump trucks, select a reasonable tire pressure.