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Refrigerated Truck Refrigeration Pipe Insulation

Refrigerated Truck Refrigeration Pipe Insulation

Dec 23, 2019

Refrigerator cars in the low-temperature piping and equipment, its thermal insulation than the air-conditioning systems and other high-temperature equipment and piping insulation more important. Truck refrigerator truck, Refrigeration equipment and piping to insulation, can reduce the cooling capacity loss and harmful overheating, improve cooling efficiency. After insulation, the equipment and piping to prevent the surface condensation of water, frost, ice. Cryogenic equipment and piping insulation shall be moisture-proof outer layer, in order to avoid the air in the water vapor condensation in the insulating layer, or even freeze, reducing insulation performance and heat damaged the structure.

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Refrigerated truck refrigeration equipment and piping insulation refer primarily to low-temperature devices and low-temperature heat pipes and valves. Truck refrigerator Such as the expansion valve to the evaporator and the evaporator to the compressor outlet pipe between the valves. The method is to heat their equipment and piping insulation of external dressings. The ideal thermal conductivity of insulation materials should be small, non-toxic, no odor, non-perishable, non-hygroscopic and can self-extinguishing and difficult to corruption and rotten, and can avoid the moth-eaten rat-bite, high mechanical strength, durable and convenient to the processing installation overhaul.

Refrigerated truck refrigeration equipment and piping insulation layer thickness and choice of the machine running economy have a greater impact. Under certain conditions, if the thick insulating layer, although the cold to reduce the losses, but increased use of insulation materials; the other hand, if too thin layer of insulating material, then the insulation effect is not satisfactory, although the economy, but may in the insulating layer outer surface of condensate water, frost or ice. Therefore, the insulation thickness should be subject to a reasonable calculation, choice. This cup of the cooling pipes, according to the temperature and pipe different diameters, the general insulation thicknesses in between 40 ~100mm refrigeration truck, truck refrigeration, motor truck refrigeration, refrigeration truck manufacturer, refrigeration truck manufacturers.


Refrigerated truck refrigeration equipment and piping insulation in the outer insulation of equipment and pipelines. In this way, its entire single-wall becomes double-or multi-layer wall. This double-wall thermal resistance, thermal resistance element is greater than single-layer walls. Badger truck refrigeration, refrigeration truck box.

In practice, pipe insulation, often in the insulating layer and outer layer also has anti-rust, as well as thermal insulation materials such as wet layer and protective layer. In addition, in order to prevent the insulation layer of the outer surface of the water condensate appear, then the insulation thickness calculations, should take into account the thermal layer around the outer surface temperature is slightly higher than the air dew-point temperature. Refrigerated truck, refrigerated trucks, ISUZU refrigerated truck, refrigerated truck bodies .

At present the relationship between the commonly used insulating materials are expected foam insulation forming flat or plane fractional shell. Stratification should be used laying, and the joints with hot asphalt or epoxy glue. For the plate should first be soaked with hot asphalt, staggered at the same time laying neatly, filling dense, packed solid, wrapped tight. It should also be laid in the insulating layer outside the moisture-proof layer. Refrigerated trucking companies. Refrigerated truck for sale


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Refrigeration cycle through a refrigeration compressor, condenser, evaporator, expansion valves and other pipeline equipment and its links to achieve. Pipeline completion of the refrigeration cycle, cold, the ultimate realization of delivery mechanisms plays a vital role. Refrigerated trucking company, refrigerated truck sales.

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In the course of cooling pipes have to bear a certain degree of pressure, temperature, and exposure to various fluids, subject to erosion, corrosion, and sometimes bear the role of external forces and vibration. Therefore, the cooling pipe material, size selection, links, methods have certain requirements. Ammonia refrigeration systems are used seamless steel pipe. Refrigeration system using steel pipes, diameter at 20 mm in indirect cooling systems, multi-purpose salt water pipe welded steel pipe or seamless steel pipe. Marine condenser cooling water pipe, galvanized steel or aluminum generally used yellow brass, copper and nickel alloy tubes. Placed in oil cooling system of frozen and cold air-conditioning systems, hot water pipes, according to refrigerants and condenser cooling water pipe size of the selected seamless steel tubes. After cooling pipe connections must pass through the cooling specification of the corresponding pressure test, can only satisfy the refrigeration system tightness requirements.

Refrigerated truck refrigeration system pipe, where both tube and pipe connections In addition to disassembling repair, are in connection with welding. When the seamless steel tubes with brass brazing welding should be used, but used to connect brass and brass brazing. In the pipeline and equipment (such as compressors, condensers, etc.) and valves, connections, or repair parts needed to dismantle, generally use a dedicated connector.