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Save Expense and Earn From Your Wrecker

Save Expense and Earn From Your Wrecker

Dec 16, 2019

Wrecker care according to structural type are generally divided into separate hanging type, body care hanging together, flat type, ordinary type four series. Separate care of them hanging with the crane rotation and non-rotating two kinds of patterns.

Save Expense and Earn From Your Wrecker

We often said that the 3 tons, 5 tons, 8 tons, 20 tons, and so the specifications Wrecker actually refers to the kinds of Wrecker chassis used in the carrying capacity level. It is the total mass of vehicle traction in capacity have a certain relationship, but no necessary link, tonnage greater operational capacity Wrecker correspondingly larger. Flatbed wrecker trucks, wrecker recovery truck, rollback wrecker trucks for sale.

Wrecker will be in the care (dragged) when the vehicle clear from the scene, the general care and tow, pull two methods. Child care is the use of pull to shore up Wrecker arm will be prop cars hold up the traction drive. Towing that is often said that hard-dragging, is the use of Wrecker would be hard-wired towing travel trailer.

Wrecker pull to shore up the ability to comply with the following two conditions.

(1) child care arm lifts the weight of not more than the Wrecker Lift rated the quality of care and with the elongated arm, which lifts the weight gradually decreased. Breakdown lorry, breakdown lorries. Light breakdown lorry. Recovery truck, wrecker recovery truck, flatbed recovery truck.

(2) rated the quality of care may not exceed their maximum pull the total mass. total mass of the vehicle pull Wrecker not exceed the maximum total mass. For example CSC5140TQZ Wrecker, to shore up the pull when he was entrusted the total mass of the first pull of the vehicle should not exceed 14 tons, and depends on point of care arm lifts the weight is held at rated the quality of care within the scope. Tow truck, tow trucks, wrecker tow truck, used tow trucks for sale .

Wrecker of towing capacity and the maximum total mass and engine power on. GB7258 & technical conditions for the safe operation of motor vehicles in 3.6 provides that motor vehicle shall not be less than the power of 4.8kW / t, Wrecker towing ability to comply with this requirement. For example, a CSC5140TQZ Wrecker with a maximum total mass of 13500 kg

From the above result shows that the design due to chassis and engine load, taking into account the matching of the modified Wrecker Tuoqian the Soul and the ability to essentially the same care. For safety, the use of this provision Chinese tow truck, tow trucks for sale, commercial tow truck, new tow truck .

Fourth, the operation Wrecker use, note, etc., manufacturers are using the instructions in detail, the following briefly:

1, arrived at the scene prior to first understand the operation of their object in order to choose the appropriate Wrecker models for operations;

2, Wrecker driving conditions in the PTO must be separated;

3, Wrecker before a control action to see the direction signs and direction of movement, second movement should pay attention to when you start to be slowed down control.

4, using the crane and winch for hoisting and pulling operations, the clutch can not be separated winch, steel wire rope in the winch drum to retain at least five laps during operation to make use of winch rope pull, do not conduct random telescopic crane and the luffing the use of Do not overload the crane in order to avoid damage to the crane and occurrence of security incidents.


5, the use of child care arm, the one to choose a good lifts the Department of Bit, 2 to consider the prop arm is raised as short as possible, but driving will not cause interference lifts their cars must pay attention to with a chain, tie pairs of vehicles to connect auxiliary fixed, in order to avoid driving the process due to braking, bumps and other reasons cause had been entrusted with the Wrecker from vehicles, which had been entrusted damage to vehicles or security incident.


6, boom, leg, arm care and other moving parts within the scope</a> of its operations must pay attention to safety.

7, such as longer working hours, we should note that the temperature of hydraulic oil should not exceed 60C, especially in the high temperatures during continuous operation environment, but also pay attention to inspection, to prevent the oil temperature is too high. (Usually with their hands touching under the multi-way valve to manipulate the corresponding pipeline, such as feeling hot and can not remain on the pipeline when the oil temperature should be considered already too high).

8, Wrecker to shore up the car moving, due to road conditions, braking, steering and other factors, we must note that speed can not be too fast, high-grade highways no more than 50Km / h, the mountain road is not flat no more than 30Km / h, so as to avoid damage to vehicles or security incident.

9, to avoid overloading or partial set out to use.

10, it is necessary to carry out maintenance on a regular basis Wrecker and checks to ensure the normal Wrecker use and extend the service life.