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Search Fuel Tanker Supplier from China

Search Fuel Tanker Supplier from China

Nov 05, 2019

Search Suitable Fuel Tanker Supplier from China


To buy a fuel tanker like to buy clothes, it is necessary to fit but also beautiful and inexpensive.

With national development in recent years, oil price ups and downs .Small fuel tanker truck and large oil companies operating as the importance of individual choice. To help you buy a good and practical, cost-effective fuel tanker truck their own needs. The user is operating a small refuel stations or a single site on the fuel truck, fuel truck refueling no more than 10 tons oil a day, in which case you can use the dongfeng xiaobawang, Dongfeng xiaojinba, Dongfeng Fu Ruika, Dongfeng Dollicar light mobile fuel trucks tanks can do the largest volume of 6000 liters, which can hold 2 tons of oil loading -5 tons, the price is cheaper, and more convenient to use, driving more flexible.

If you take more than the site or the refueling mission for the construction vehicles need to transport the oil business as a (small), so that you can use the dongfeng Duolika, DF140, DF 145, FOTON oil delivery tankers, fuel trucks Auling, FAW series light truck fuel vehicles, and other fuel tanker trucks. 6000-10000 liters of tank volume can be loaded 5-8 tons of fuel oil, the efficiency is good, prices moderate, more convenient transportation, by comparison prominent.

There you need long-term transportation of oil, you can also rent at the gas station to use, long-distance transport, you can choose Dongfeng 153, DF kinrun, the faw of Foton Auman series of small three-axle and a tanker and other medium-sized cars, tank volume can be do 12000-25000 liters of oil can hold 10-22 tons of equipment, driving more comfortable, more prominent through sex, transportation, long time. The other is large or heavy-duty trucks, large volume of such tank cars, transport for a long time, usually 28 tons or more, can be used after Dongfeng double bridge, Dongfeng front four rear eight, after the liberation of four eight, Fukuda Auman, after the 12 wheeler fuel tankers and other heavy vehicle or trailer tanker Bridge large car (traction head can be Dongfeng, Foton, China Heavy Duty Truck, Shaanxi Auto, etc.), horsepower is relatively large, long transit time, high efficiency. Vehicle emissions have two or more States and the State III emission products to choose from.

Independently points positions, equipment can be divided into different oil products, chemicals, designed to be pumped through the pump into the flow meter, the pump into the pump off the table but the flow meter and so on. Tank material can be carbon steel, stainless steel, lined with rotational molding, glass steel. Tank type well-rounded, oval, round. Pump by pump, gear pump. Oil gauge single count, double count, Fiscal tanker. Also available with a water tank, the European standard bottom valve.

Price include tanker chassis, optional conversion price and the composition. Different chassis, different engine, exhaust emissions of different countries, different volume of the tank, fittings and other uncertainties of different prices in different components of the tanker, the tanker when the user select the best to communicate with sales staff, to their own tanker request to be informed sales staff, sales staff will request the user for the user to recommend a suitable users, cheap oil tanker.

CSCTRUCK is designated National Development and Reform Commission produced a professional manufacturer all kinds of special-purpose vehicles, an oil tanker has many years of production experience, reliable, cost-effective, in the same industry have very good competitive advantage. Tanker production and sales for many years ranked in the forefront of the industry commitments on sale a year or a modified part of the three packs of kilometers, so you buy the rest assured, with the rest assured, has been awarded "Credible Enterprise", " Hubei consumer satisfaction units ". Chu Sheng Hubei to serve you, welcome more customers to our factory to visit our company and product technology, we will provide you with the best quality products and services.