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Select Concrete Mixer Truck from China

Select Concrete Mixer Truck from China

Nov 08, 2019

How to Select Good Concrete Mixer Truck Manufacturer from China ?

Recently, CSC mixer truck plant engineer encountered a lot of people who want to buy a cement mixer truck , but do not know how to buy.

Now, we look in the forum under 10 years’ experience and some of our own knowledge to summarize, and how we talk about the situation and vehicles according to their own nature to choose the best suitable mixer truck.

l  Do you get the expense from the batching plant by monthly wages or by cubic wages?

If by cubic meters , it suggests that you buy a bigger mixer truck drum capacity, such as 12 cbm transit mixer and 14 cbm transit mixer truck. If you work for a project on a monthly statement of wages, then there is no need to buy such volume, 10 cbm mixer truck is enough , after all, 12 cbm mixer truck and 14 cbm mixer truck will be much more expensive.

l  How is the regional road conditions for your transit mixer ?

The road conditions have direct relationship with the transit mixer rear axle. If the transit mixer run on the flat road, such as the city road, you can choose single-stage reduction axle.

But if you run the road conditions are not good enough, especially with many ramps and gravel roads, then the wheel deceleration for rear axle is a better choice :

first, the car held more torque for climbing; Second, the wheel is smaller than the single-stage gear reduction axle, and the ground clearance is big, so strong through some road .

l  How much volume you want to buy? How much horsepower?

The mixer truck in china is usually 10,12,14 cbm. First choose a suitable volume, and then the horsepower under the volume. 10 and 12 cbm concrete mixer truck is usually equipped with 336 hp,6*4 drive system ,14 cbm using a 375 hp , 8 × 4 drive system.

l  What kind of chassis and engine do you prefer?

Mixer trucks have a large team, but generally in china market : HOWO series concrete mixer truck, Dongfeng T-lift concrete mixer truck series, HOWO King Prince concrete mixer truck series, Auman concrete mixer truck series, Shaanxi Automobile Delong concrete mixer truck series, JAC Gallop concrete mixer truck , Liuqi and so on. In this team, the dongfent T-lift concrete mixer truck is the most cost-effective one.

Regards to the engine, Dongfeng T-lift uses Cummins engine, Liuqi 10 cbm mixer truck use Yuchai 10, 12 cbm with the Cummins engine, Foton Auman, JAC Gallop, Shaanxi Automobile Delong are all with the Weichai Diesel engine; HOWO heavy truck use its own engine. In it, Weichai Diesel engine is the best, but it is also the most fuel consumption. Therefore, we should be choose the size of the engine fuel consumption. based on the actual situation.

l  Do you prefer nylon or steel tire?

There is no doubt that the steel tire is better . Radial tyre work double time that nylon, But here we kindly inform that some chinese transit mixer are the original radial tires, some are original nylon tire. Customers are supposed to know clearly whether it is redial or nylon tyre.

l  Do you know the most 3 important parts for the concrete mixer truck?

This 3 parts are: hydraulic motors and pump ,reducer, radiator . Germany's ARK is best, followed by Italy Bonfiglioli and the America Eaton. These 3 is directly related to the performance of your transit mixer . So take great notice on these 3 parts.

l  How to judge the quality of mixing drum ?

Mixer drum mainly refers to the quality of the thickness of the tank. Now it is usually 16mm thickness manganese plate, that you asked the china concrete mixer truck manufacturers the thickness of the tank, if five thick manganese plate, you find the right manufacturer. Below this , you should not consider them.

Mixer truck is a good investment, but it later capital return soon. Finally, csc mixer truck engineer wish every people can buy a suitable concrete mixer truck.