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Semi-trailer driving skills in foggy days

Semi-trailer driving skills in foggy days

May 28, 2019

How do semi-trailers travel safely in foggy days? Weather is an important factor affecting driving safety. Because the semi-trailer body is long and the driving inertia is large, it is easy to see traffic accidents in the foggy weather because you can't see the opposite car. So let's explain the tricks of the semi-trailer driving in the fog.

First of all, the semi-trailer and the front car should be kept at a suitable distance. This distance is subject to the front car, and the brakes should be prepared at any time.

Secondly, in a foggy weather, keep your mind calm, don't worry, drive at a low speed, and ignore the signals that other owners are constantly urging the horn to drive.

Then, in the foggy weather, reverse the fog to turn on the fog light, and give the rear car to warn to keep the distance. At the same time, the road surface in foggy weather is relatively slippery. You must not brake suddenly to prevent the tailing distance from being stretched and causing rear-end collision.

In addition, in the foggy weather, you should do a good job of reminding the traffic signs. You should put a reflective sign on the car, and you can also warn the rear car by complementing the fog lights.

I hope that everyone will pay more attention to the above driving skills and be able to drive safely in foggy weather.