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Semi-trailer tire inflation precautions

Semi-trailer tire inflation precautions

Jun 03, 2019

Semi-trailer is a relatively large-scale road transportation tool currently used, and its use greatly accelerates the efficiency of road transportation. In order to avoid problems with the tires during the transportation of the semi-trailer, what problems should we pay attention to when inflating the semi-trailer tires?

The semi-trailer that just finished the transportation trip is not suitable for inflation, because the vehicle that is driving for a long time will be inflated, which will affect the air pressure to a certain extent, which further makes it impossible to judge the amount of inflation, so we have to wait for the wheel temperature to drop and then inflate.

Since tires often come into contact with the ground for a long time, there are often dirt, dust, etc. on the valve. Before the tires are inflated, the valve must be cleaned before being inflated. At the same time, it is necessary to check whether the inflatable equipment and the surrounding environment are clean, so as to prevent impurities, oil, water, etc. from entering the tire, resulting in deformation or damage of the tire.

When inflating, try not to pull out the valve core, and forcibly inflate by increasing the air pressure to prevent the valve screw from falling out and leaking. After the end of the inflation, apply water to the valve to see if there is air leakage, so as to repair or replace the new valve core in time, and at the same time, it is better to assemble the valve cap to prevent impurities from entering the valve.