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Several types of special vehicles Explanation

Several types of special vehicles Explanation

Nov 14, 2019

Several types of special vehicles Explanation

China's car manufacturers as many as hundreds of modifications, the make most of their automobile plant as modified, and some called the Special Purpose Vehicle Factory, there are a few known special automobile plant.

Modified exclusive and special 3 word is formed from a different point of view of.

Modified truck is a departure from the production to general-purpose truck chassis as a basis for some small and necessary changes, coupled with loading the car parts and assemble cars with special features. Refers to the conversion mode of production.

Special Purpose Vehicle is a departure from the car using function, relative to normal for the truck, and that the use of special features with a class of cars. Such as dump truck, towing cars, vans, tank trucks, etc., are used with the specific features of the Special Purpose Vehicle.

Special truck is characteristics of its structure from the car, truck chassis relative to the normal form of the traditional structure, its chassis and vehicle structure are quite special, as designed, very few parts using a common type of assembly models. For most of these models, known as special purpose vehicle is more reasonable, special vehicles, should be limited to the desert vehicles, amphibious vehicles, geological exploration vehicles, race cars and so are several.

Commercial Vehicle is its narrow scope, it includes all types of transportation vehicles such as commercial vehicles for a broad sense, you can include the addition of small passenger cars, pickup trucks outside of all vehicles.

Several typical special truck or desert, forest logging trucks, geophysical exploration seismic source.

Desert truck. Widening of the generation of the use of special pressure tires addition to low tire pressure of sand on the ground, ensuring cars can drive loose sand smooth the surface without sinking. Generally outside the vehicle width 3m, while the width of each tire that is up to 0.92m, outer frame Kuanjin 1.0m.

Forestry skidding car  Soft and undulating forest ground. The car with four-axis, all-wheel drive, and is articulated chassis, tires for the widening, a large low-pressure tire tread, independent suspension; turning radius, ground adhesion, and tires easily spin, driving flexible. Equipped with a front blade, car equipped with a hydraulic crane and jaws.

The middle frame with the first computer-controlled hydraulic vibration, can be implemented on the ground beat the impact of higher frequencies, the formation of the source, the ground shock wave reflection came to measure whether the formation of oil and other minerals.