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Sewage Suction Truck Engine Repair

Sewage Suction Truck Engine Repair

Nov 16, 2019

Sewage Suction Truck Engine Repair


1.       Tachometer speed for a particular test, such as adjusting the carburetor idle speed.

2.       Camshaft closed angle measurement used to determine hours of electrical contacts close the circuit breaker turned the angle of the cam.

3.       Coil tester to determine whether the ignition coil in good condition.

4.       Capacitor tester to determine the capacitor is in good condition, can measure the resistance of the capacitor, capacity, and insulation resistance of three parameters.

5.       Distributor tester test distributor spark advance mechanism.

6.       Rectifier diode tester and regulator or alternator tester for the detection of exchange suction sewage truck engines in the diodes and rectifiers.

7.       Combustion Analyzer can draw from the exhaust gas samples, indicating the percentage of combustion efficiency and that the supply of fuel mixture carburetor air-fuel ratio.

8.       Armature detector used to detect suction sewage truck engine and the starter armature is short.

9.       Flash to check the ignition timing ignition timing.

10.    Infrared gas analyzer can measure the content of carbon monoxide and hydrocarbon emissions.

11.    Detector circuit is also called a static line tester, used to check the fuses, capacitors short circuit, the ignition coil and distributor of current, distributor breaker contacts open and closed, speaker and starter relay, the lamp is connected iron good, broken wires and contacts, etc.

12.    Vacuum gauge used to measure the intake manifold vacuum, vacuum and fuel pump output pressure for the calibration of the distributor vacuum advance and the determination of the distributor vacuum.

13.    Compression cylinder compression gauge pressure measurement.

14.    Pilot cylinder leakage gauge is better than the compression is to find the leak at the site.

15.    Batteries and antifreeze electric densimeter densitometer for determination of fluid and antifreeze battery power density, the two are designed with the same principle, but the antifreeze liquid density meter to measure a wide density range, so do the float pole power than the longer liquid density meter.

16.    Spark plug detector in a certain air pressure to the spark plug ignition, the pressure chamber with glass windows above the spark can be observed, and the spark plug cleaning.

17.    Spring tension meter is a simple spring balance, used to check the power distributor in the tension arm.

18.    Listeners, used to determine the noise source, shape with a stethoscope

19.    Test meter to check the fuel pump fuel pump failure.

20.    Radiator cooling system pressure cap pressure gauge to detect and check the cooling system for leaks.

21.    Crankcase ventilation system tester to test the crankcase ventilation system for leaks.