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Sprinkler Pump Maintenance and Repair

Sprinkler Pump Maintenance and Repair

Dec 11, 2019

1.       The low temperature section of the Committee, if the work of the pump spray vehicles, should be delegated screw pump oil reservoir plug to the net, so as to avoid cracking the pump parts.

2.       To stop using the pump if the long-term, it should open the clean parts, and in the processing of the surface coated with anti-rust oil after assembly, for safekeeping. Removing the pump, please contact our company and the sales outlets.

3.       The mechanical seal without leakage of the situation, do not open the inspection. Washable mechanical seal should be handled with care, attention to cleanliness, to protect the dynamic and static ring mirror. Non-percussion impact.

4.       The main reason more mechanical seal leakage for the dynamic and static ring mirror brushed good time. repair method for grinding end of the seal, so that the mirror recovery; In addition, if improperly installed or aging rubber seals will also lead to leakage, then reinstall the mechanical adjustment or replacement.