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Step Deck Cargo Trailer Light Replace

Step Deck Cargo Trailer Light Replace

Jan 16, 2020

Cargo trailers are useful for hauling all kinds of things, including equipment, materials and furniture. However, a bad trailer light could cause an accident or a law enforcement officer to pull you over and give you a citation. However, replacing a broken or burnt out cargo trailer light is not difficult, and can be accomplished with a few simple hand tools and about 10 minutes of free time.


Things You'll Need:

Phillips screwdriver

Step 1

Use the screwdriver to remove the mounting screws in the four corners of the trailer light lens, then remove the lens from the light housing.

Step 2

Pull the burnt out light out of the light bulb socket (it just snaps in place) and then slide the new bulb into the socket.

Step 3

Test the lights by hitting the brakes of the towing vehicle and then place the lens back on the housing and mount in place using the four corner.

Tips & Warnings

Trace the lighting wiring from the light all the way back to the wiring harness to make sure there are no tears in the wiring itself, thus insuring that it is actually the light that is bad and not something else.