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Commercial Street Sweeper Truck for Sanitation Contractors

Commercial Street Sweeper Truck for Sanitation Contractors

Mar 21, 2020

Commercial Street Sweeper Truck for Sanitation Contractors

There really is no excuse for any industrial or commercial facility to be dirty and a lack of proper cleaning practices can lead to damaged goods, inefficiency, and unnecessary injuries to staff. By making time for floors to be swept regularly using proper commercial sweepers, and for waste items to be properly disposed of, there are many long term benefits including a much higher standard of production.

Commercial Street Sweeper Truck for Sanitation Contractors

When dust is allowed to accumulate on floors, it can be lifted up by staff walking through it, and get into delicate machinery causing damage. A dirty floor can also impair the movement of fork lift trucks, and even cause their drivers to lose control and crash. If dust gets into products during the manufacturing cycle, they are more likely to fail in use, and as a result of this, it will have an impact on the overall view people take of your business.

Commercial Street Sweeper

Street Sweeper Truck for Sanitation

One of the best cleaning applications is a fork lift truck mounted brush sweeper. This device fits onto a standard set of forks, and can then be used to clear large areas very quickly. This system has a number of advantages including the fact that it makes full use of existing resources, and also allows for relatively large debris such as equipment to be moved around in a single pass.

Sanitation Contractors Sweeper

Sanitation  Street Sweeper

Commercial Street  Sanitation Sweeper Truck

In areas where a large area with many niches needs to be kept at a high standard of cleanliness, the janitor II is a real help. This self-powered commercial sweeper is pushed by a single operator and features a pair of rotating brushes that pick up small bits and pieces of material along with dust, and force it into a large hopper for disposal later. The device can clear areas quickly, and depending on the model chose, can clean a strip up to 32 inches wide at a time, as well as being lightweight enough to be carried up and down stairs easily.

 Sanitation Contractors Sweeper Trucks

Using proper commercial sweepers to clear dust and other debris from floors will ensure that all areas of the business are running at peak efficiency, and improve the overall quality of many areas of the business. Of course, an often overlooked factor about ensuring proper workplace hygiene is that it will have a positive impact on staff morale. When care is taken of all areas of the building, it provides a much more pleasant working environment for staff, and as a result, they are much more likely to place a high value on their overall work ethic, and this will reinforce a cleaning mentality as they take more care of their personal workspace.