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Swing Arm Garbage Truck Controls

Swing Arm Garbage Truck Controls

Nov 05, 2019

Swing Arm Garbage Truck Controls

CSCTRUCK is the designated production of municipal sanitation garbage truck manufacturers, garbage trucks can be divided into compression garbage truck, garbage truck arm, pull arm garbage truck garbage truck hanging buckets, sealed garbage trucks, garbage collection vehicles and other varieties.

1, the series arm garbage truck pulled into construction waste materials is prohibited, to avoid damage to parts.

2, pull arm garbage truck hydraulic system operation, such as that movement abnormalities, should immediately stop work, analyze the causes and troubleshooting. Do not force the press operation.

3, pull arm garbage trucks and either gnawing or disengage the power take off, you must depress the clutch pedal; take power and multi-channel valve is in working condition, no garbage truck pulled into the moving arm of the state.

4, the hydraulic system pressure regulating device for the multi-valve regulator on the bolt, the bolt pressure it is set by the school and locked after use are not free to transfer. Casual user is not allowed to adjust oil pressure.

5, hook loader fill the top of the one-way throttle valve pressure is to control the filling rate of decline in pressure control device after it is set and lock are not free to transfer.