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Tank cars are classified by connection

Tank cars are classified by connection

Aug 20, 2019

(1) Semi-loaded tanker

The tank is rigidly fixed on the frame of the car or trailer, and the load is mainly carried by the frame, and the tank is only subjected to partial load. This type of structure is often used for tankers with a small tank volume.

(2) Carrier tanker

In addition to being a container, the tank also functions as a frame, and has a frameless structure, and the entire load is received by the can body, as shown in Fig. 4(b). Since the quality of the frame part is omitted, the loading quality is larger than that of the semi-loaded tanker when the total mass is constant. This is advantageous for improving transportation efficiency, but it imposes higher requirements on tank design and manufacturing.

Water Tanker Truck(001)