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Tanker Truck, Tanker Loading Unloading Note

Tanker Truck, Tanker Loading Unloading Note

Nov 28, 2019

Tanker Truck, Tanker Loading Unloading Note

1. Operating personnel should be able to guide in addition to static wear clothing and shoes.

2. Using non-sparking tools.

3. Storm thunderstorm days prohibited operation.

4. To observe the prevention of oil spills.

5. Is strictly prohibited to oil field repair.

6. That when the spillage or leakage, the oil loading point and the adjacent location of all oil loading oil loading operations should be stopped immediately. Unloading or loading of all the lower part of the open valve when the oil should be closed. Key personnel should only be left in oil loading platform. Oil spill cleaned out before the starter can not control the vehicle. Person in charge of loading oil in the area is declared safe before may not resume oil loading.

7. If the loading and unloading of oil during a fire should immediately cease all operations were not affected vehicles drove away immediately. Close the tank valve off oil source, and immediately the implementation of fire operations.

8. Car trains will not be allowed for a long time to open the ignition switch. There was a car burning in the garage on fire themselves, after investigation, the original is back after the last out of the bus, the ignition switch remains open. Such a long time open, both caused by discharge of the battery for a long time, but also the risk of fire.

9. Does not allow for a long time the implementation of gravity oil. Sometimes due to fuel pump or oil pipeline damaged joints, cannot rely on the normal to the carburetor fuel pump oil, they cannot be repaired temporarily, but to take emergency, the implementation of gravity oil in order to drive the truck back yard or open to the repair shop . Currently, in order to fire, the state established the Road Traffic Regulations is not allowed to use this method.

10. Night observation does not allow battery fluid level with the fire. Over-charging the battery while driving in the state, accumulation of excessive hydrogen shell case of fire explosion. So, usually the battery cover holes must be kept clear.