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Teach You Choose a Right Truck Mounted Crane

Teach You Choose a Right Truck Mounted Crane

Nov 06, 2019

Teach You Choose a Right Truck Mounted Crane

Many new users for the first time Truck crane Truck crane time to buy is not clear how to choose their own use of the Truck crane, Truck crane the following simple choice to explain a few points.

1.     First we have to buy Truck Crane uses, such as for lifting machinery, steel, profiles and so on.

l  What is needed maximum lifting weight.

l  The Largest hoisting height.

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2. Select crane lifting capacity (cranes torque), in accordance with maximum lifting weight and height multiplied by the crane was required torque. Looking for truck mounted crane, looking for Chinese truck mounted crane.

3. Select the appropriate length of the crane, usually the same moment crane, Truck crane manufacturers have several different sessions or the length of the crane to choose from, users can follow the maximum hoisting high degree of certainty.

4. Select the appropriate long car chassis, according to the length of the lifting of different profiles, select the appropriate wheelbase chassis, you can save the length of investment is not enough containers to avoid the unnecessary trouble. Knuckle boom trucks, used knuckle boom trucks, knuckle boom crane.

5. Select the appropriate chassis, in accordance with crane different, choose a different capacity of the chassis, usually the bigger the better beam. 3-ton crane under the beams can choose 230; 3-6 ton crane, you can choose 250 of the beam, 6-8-ton crane should be used 280 beams ,8-10-ton crane used after 8 After the first four or eight chassis. Knuckle boom crane truck price, cost, knuckle boom crane truck manufacturers, knuckle boom crane truck supplier.

Truck crane above is to select the main issues requiring attention and concrete may also consult Truck crane manufacturers.