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Technical characteristics of mixer truck

Technical characteristics of mixer truck

Nov 29, 2019

Technical characteristics of mixer truck


CSC mixer truck production of cement mixers are used the mainstream chassis manufacturers including Dongfeng, liberation, Shaanxi Automobile and heavy truck chassis production. Working volume stirred tank can reach 8-14 m, according to different volume, CSC TRCUK choose different wheelbase chassis.

CSC TRUCK technical characteristics of the cement mixer

1. Production technology

Mixer using assembly line production, the production process of each process, have carried out strict quality control process defined quality requirements, the training of all workers in the operation only after passing the examination for posts in order to ensure product quality. Each mixer must be assembled for inspection by the strict inspection and testing, after passing the order the factory to ensure that by the hands of users, all of the mixer can be assured that use.

2. Faster access to materials

The fastest speed of the mixing tube18 laps / min, feed speed 6-12 circles / minute, a feed rate of 12-16 laps per minute;

Feed speed: 3.5 cubic meters / minute (the state is 2.7 cubic meters / minute)

Discharging speed: 2 cubic meters / minute (standard discharge rate 0.65 cubic meters / minute), and the company discharging mixer idling speed of up to 1.1 cubic meters / minute, with pump and Needless to play material fuel door, saving fuel costs.

3. Residual low

Residual rate of discharge: 0.8% (standard residual rates of 3 ~ 5%)

4. Large volume

Our company produces a large mixer actual air time to ensure that the slope in the state mixing tube materials are not leaking, detailed specifications are as follows:

(1) 8 cubic mixer

Slope of the state volume: 8 m

The actual level of road capacity: 9.7 m3

Geometric Volume: 13.79 m3

(2) 10 cubic meters mixer

Slope of the state volume: 10 cubic meters

The actual level of road capacity: 11.5 cubic meters

Geometric Volume: 17.03 m3

(3) 12 cubic mixer

Slope of the state volume: 12 cubic meters

5. Easy to operate

To enable the operator to operate simple, convenient, use the left control handle control of mechanical linkage, and linkage in the cab equipped with self-locking device outside the cab in the cab and the mixing tube can be turned on and the stirring speed operation.

In order to improve the reliability and performance mixer to extend the life of mixer, CSCTRUCK production mixer hydraulic motor, hydraulic pump, gearbox are imported brands.