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Technical Questions on Garbage Trucks

Technical Questions on Garbage Trucks

Nov 08, 2020

Question 1: What is the use of the lifting cylinder of the bucket garbage truck?

Answer: The lifting cylinder is mounted on the garbage truck and used to lift the cargo box. It is divided into middle top lifting cylinder and front top lifting cylinder.


Question 2: What are the main functions of the hydraulic system of a garbage truck?

Answer: The hydraulic system of the garbage truck plays a key role, through which the special functions of automatic lifting and automatic unloading can be realized. The use of high-quality lifting cylinders, operating valves, compression fittings, high-pressure hoses and high-pressure steel pipes are reasonably installed. At the same time, reliable fixing devices are arranged to ensure that there is no leakage for a long time, so that it is reliable, convenient to maintain, and extend service life.


Question 3: What is a docking garbage truck?

Answer: The docking garbage truck is a dedicated garbage truck for the garbage compression station. It has an openable hydraulic back cover and loads the compressed garbage blocks from the back, which increases the transportation volume of garbage. This car is sealed, which can also prevent secondary pollution during transportation.


Question 4: What is the body material of the garbage truck?

Answer: The body materials of garbage trucks are mostly made of carbon steel and stainless steel, and the interior is treated with epoxy resin.


Question 5: What are the structure and outstanding features of compressed garbage trucks?

Answer: Compression garbage truck: adopts electro-mechanical-hydraulic integration technology, adopts a mechanical, electrical, and hydraulic combined automatic control system, and realizes garbage loading, crushing or flattening, and powerful loading through special devices such as compartments, fillers, and dozers. Finally, the garbage is compacted and squeezed into the carriage, and transported to the destination for automatic unloading. Its outstanding features: simple and efficient garbage collection, with repeated compression and peristaltic compression, high compression ratio, high loading quality, automatic operation, good power and environmental protection, and high efficiency of vehicle utilization.


Question 6: What are the common brands of garbage trucks?

Answer: The garbage truck can use Dongfeng chassis, Jiefang chassis, Foton chassis, Sinotruk chassis, Changan chassis, JAC chassis, ISUZU chassis, and Dayun chassis.


Question 7: The structure and main features of swing arm garbage truck?

Answer: Swing arm garbage truck: It is composed of chassis, trash bin (bucket), swing arm deceleration buffer cylinder, etc. Its characteristic is that the trash can be separated from the car body, realizing the combined use of one truck and multiple trash cans.


Question 8: Brief introduction to the function of the roll on roll off garbage truck?

Answer: The trash bucket of the roll on roll off garbage truck can be hoisted up and down. The feature of the truck is that the trash bucket is separated from the body, which can realize the combined use of one trolley and multiple trash buckets, and circular transportation, which fully improves the transportation capacity of the vehicle, and is especially suitable For short-distance transportation, such as the cleanup and transportation of urban garbage by the environmental sanitation department.


Question 9: What types of garbage trucks are there?

Answer: According to the purpose: dump garbage truck, swing arm (dual-purpose pit and ground) garbage truck, sealed garbage truck (sealed cover, front sliding cover, hydraulic clamshell garbage truck), hanging bucket garbage truck , Pull-arm garbage trucks (hook-arm garbage trucks, detachable compartment garbage trucks), compression garbage trucks (side loading, rear loading and unloading compression garbage trucks), kitchen garbage trucks (swill trucks), etc.