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Telescopic Aerial Platform Truck Practices

Telescopic Aerial Platform Truck Practices

Jul 08, 2020

Telescopic Aerial Platform Truck is operating more than three meters, hydraulic or electric system dominated by the multi-vessel hydraulic cylinder, lifting up and down can be a vehicle operations. By type divided into: Vertical lift (also known as scissors) high-altitude operation truck, folding arm lift aerial platforms, self-propelled aerial work platforms, telescopic boom aerial platforms. Divided by the main operating height: 6 meters, 10 meters, 14 meters, 16 meters, 18 meters, 22 meters, 25 meters, 30 meters, 50 meters in foreign countries, up to 80 meters. Main features: operating the bucket and turn the seat are equipped with control devices, remote control engine start / stop, high speed / low speed, with electro-hydraulic proportional valve control arm action, smooth, good work arm can be left, right 360 degree continuous rotation, by linkage to automatically maintain the level of job slots, the main pump fails, manipulate the emergency tank pump down operation, with night lighting, can be heavy lifting. Products are widely used in electricity, street lights, municipal, landscape, communications, airports, making (repair) ship, transport, advertising, photography and other high-altitude operational areas.



Using hydraulic transmission manned aerial vehicles, advanced species of contemporary machinery and equipment. Construction workers off work with telescopic platform, as long as the proper use, safety is guaranteed. However, improper operation or security measures have been implemented, it is a very dangerous main air operating procedures, and materials to develop the following code of conduct.


1.Car drivers must hold a bus driving license.

2.Plus auxiliary hydraulic pump from the gearbox to be.

3.Note the bridge, tunnel headroom.

4.The speed is generally not more than 30 km / h, the suburbs of not more than 40 km / hour.

5.Operating bucket (platform) declined to stay within the staff.


6, Parking location choice is solid ground, the vehicle tilt is not greater than 3 degree and open the warning flash.

7, The operating height and wind; wind 6 and under appropriate operating height of 10 meters; wind 5 to the following 11 to 20 meters height suitable for the following operations; suitable wind 4 and below 21 to 30 m high degree of job .

8, Start pump, depress the clutch, pull the parking brake, transmission in neutral, pulled the clutch lever hydraulic pump, hydraulic pump is in working condition.

9, The hydraulic pump operation 2 to 5 minutes before the handle to manipulate the action.

10, Aerial operations, should be trained and hold certificates staff operating posts.

11, The operator to concentrate, and strict prohibition to prevent the misuse after operation.

12, First leg down, if necessary, in charge of decentralization of the leg pad, ensure that the vehicle is level.

13, When operating handle smooth, not rapid, so as not to cause the operating arm swing inertia is too large and accidents.

14, In strict accordance with the provisions of the technical parameters of devices and operating range of operations.

15, Operating bucket (platform) on staff to wear seatbelts.

16, Lifting operating bucket (platform), the arm should be up and down alternating action, fighting to ensure the operation (platform) increase in the radius of the best state, is strictly prohibited operating arm for other purposes.

17, Operation, operators should pay attention to fighting (platform), with high and low voltage wire arm, telephone lines and buildings, trees, billboards, lighting and other objects a safe distance.

18, When the value of the driver responsible for the vehicle between the ground and pay attention to security work.

19, Using the operating height of 25 meters above the operating vehicles, in addition to safety signs and barriers set up outside the ground guardian other than the driver, but also set 1-2 people dedicated intensive care.

20, Operation process, if the hydraulic system has a different sound or sudden leak oil, they should stop work until the inspection or repair, before continuing work.

21, The hydraulic system failure, the operating arm cannot move, you should try to make work fight (platform) on the safe evacuation of staff and inform the professional maintenance staff.

22, Operation is completed, the job hopper (platform), the operating arm reset, put away the legs, and disconnect the hydraulic pump, release the parking brake before starting driving.



Working at Height (platforms), operating arm and leg should be reflective safety signs aerial vehicles should be equipped with a triangle (the tire) and two outrigger skids 4. 25, the vehicle shall be equipped with standard signs.

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