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Telescopic Platform Truck Technical Characteristics

Telescopic Platform Truck Technical Characteristics

Jul 31, 2020

Telescopic Platform has the following technical characteristics:

 (1) new hydraulic self-propelled special chassis.

Developed with independent intellectual property rights of self-propelled aerial lift platform trucks, using electro-hydraulic integration, reliability, design and computer-aided design technology, successfully developed a hydraulic-driven, self-propelled special chassis, breaking the past domestic aerial lift platform trucks can only use a car or crane chassis modifications designed to limit.

(2) with load driving, operating stability. Chassis structure designed to break through the traditional theory and methods, on the train platform by optimizing the overall layout and load distribution, reducing the center of gravity shift. Unique wide-angle back-type hinge point structure, a reasonable set a variety of weight modules, effectively balance the working torque, H type of variable cross-section composite box girder cut frame and high load solid rubber tires, increasing the overall stiffness of the chassis, ensure the machine running, the operating stability of the process, to achieve the aerial lift platform trucks with load driving capabilities.


(3) multi-function, multi-purpose plant. Through the front of the arm bracket, can be quickly installed lifting devices or manned platform, lifting materials, hoisting and manned aerial and other functions, and a variety of plant for the expansion work device provides the interface to quickly switch.


(4) lifts the unique three-dimensional rotating device.

Design three-dimensional rotation lifts devices, both materials can be automatically maintained by lifting posture, lifting and can achieve a high degree of material in any space, anywhere and in any direction of the adjustment request, sensitive precise speed control, micro-performance, to meet the large hole at height and database requirements of the ventilation pipe installation.

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