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Ten-point manipulation of concrete mixer truck

Ten-point manipulation of concrete mixer truck

Nov 29, 2019

Ten-point manipulation of concrete mixer truck

CSC have excellent quality and accepted by more and more customers, the products are exported around the world. CSC mixer truck is our technical staff in the absorption of well-known mixer manufacturers of advanced manufacturing technology, based on the speed of access to materials through hundreds of times, the expected rate, mixing efficiency, twist elasticity, after passing the driving test performance, etc. to create the a new product, the operating system is flexible and convenient, and I expected to achieve about Operation Trinity. After the tank welding time pretreatment with sandblasting to achieve rust, rust. Is the ideal tool for concrete transport of goods. Of course, we as a well-known mixer manufacturers, but also sincerely hope that our customers use to pay attention to maintenance, so CSC TRUCK production mixer to play to the best performance, the best interests of customers.

Concrete mixer during transport, as has been behind the mixing tank is in motion, compared with the general special-purpose vehicles, will be more easy to wear, so if a more standardized operating skills, will extend the useful life of concrete mixers, here operation of concrete mixers ten tips, hoping to play a vast number of friends to help:

1, concrete mixer truck cement mixer before starting work, we should first check the pump, fuel tank, the motor whether there is enough clean the hydraulic oil tank is filled with water, the lubricated parts of the adequacy of oil.

2, start the car engine running while, enough to pump gas storage.

3, the servo valve control pump handle on the central location, this time mixing tube at rest

4, everything is normal, the manipulation of the handle so that the mixing tube reversing at low speed 2 to 3 times, check the hydraulic system is working.

5, the drive to funnel mixing station feeding, the mouth of the hopper cars into the mixing station and port of discharge funnel is to prevent the flow of concrete waste and pollution caused by cars outside the body, the control handle, the mixing tube is conveyed to 10 ~ 12r/min, then can be feed to the mixing tube.

7, the vehicle should be properly loaded uphill cylinder rotation speed to mix.

8, the car to the place of delivery, the longer the discharge chute and discharge chute position to be turning.

9, the end of both sides of the concrete mixer in the manipulation of the handle, should unlock the driver's cab control positioning locking plate in order to achieve the end of mixing tube reversing operation. Then the speed of the site discharge requirements.

10, after each discharge must be into the hopper, the mixing tube inside and outside, clean out the chute, etc., to prevent freezing in these parts of concrete.

We have the strength to prove that-CSC mixer truck your mixer truck.