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The characteristics of the tank car

The characteristics of the tank car

Aug 14, 2019

Compared with other ordinary cars, tank cars have the following advantages:

(1) Improve transportation efficiency. Due to the tank-type material loading container, the mechanized loading and unloading method can be adopted, the loading and unloading time is greatly shortened, the vehicle turnover is accelerated, and the transportation efficiency is improved.

(2) Since the tank is usually a sealed container, the material in the tank is not affected by climatic conditions. If the material has temperature requirements, it can also be used as a tank with special structure such as insulated tank and heated tank to protect the material. Therefore, the material is not easily deteriorated, and it is not easy to be contaminated and leaked.

(3) Improve loading and unloading conditions and reduce labor intensity. Tank car transportation can be mechanized by loading, unloading and unloading, and all are carried out under closed conditions, which greatly reduces the number of workers and reduces labor intensity, and also reduces dust flying and odor.

(4) Saving packaging materials and reducing transportation costs. Bulk material transportation saves packaging materials, increases loading quality and reduces transportation costs.

(5) Conducive to safe transportation. Due to the sealed transportation, the material will not leak, even if it carries toxic and harmful substances, it will not pollute the environment. For explosive and flammable materials, accidents are not easy to occur.

However, tank cars also have some shortcomings. For example, the tank body is a special equipment, which can only load the specified materials, and is often empty when returning; the loading and unloading goods must have corresponding loading equipment and receiving equipment.

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