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The Composition Of Concrete Mixer Truck

The Composition Of Concrete Mixer Truck

Dec 02, 2019

Concrete mixer truck concrete mixing by the transport vehicle chassis and special equipment components. CSCTRUCK plant produced more concrete mixer truck chassis provided by the vehicle manufacturers two types of common chassis. Working principle is to take power by the power plant will remove the vehicle chassis, and variable drive pump hydraulic system, the mechanical energy into hydraulic energy to pass quantitative motor, motor and then drive reducer, speed reducer driven by a stirring device, on the concrete for Stirring.

1. take power plant CSC concrete mixer truck to take power by way of the main vehicle engine. Take the role of power plant to take power through the manipulation of power switch out the engine, hydraulic system driven by the mixing tube, the mixing tube feeding and transport in the forward rotation, in order to facilitate the feeding and mixing of concrete, the material time in the anti-To the rotation, after the end of the work and the engine cut off the power connection.

2. hydraulic system power take off will be removed by the engine power, converted to hydraulic energy (displacement and pressure), and then the motor output to mechanical energy (speed and torque), provide the impetus for the rotating mixing drum.

3. reducer output of the hydraulic system of the motor speed slows down to pass the mixing tube.

4. control mechanism (1) control the mixing tube rotation, so that the feed and transport in the forward rotation, reverse rotation when the material. (2) control the speed of mixing tube.

5. mixing device mixing device consists of the mixing tube and the auxiliary support components. Is the concrete mixing drum containers, rotating spiral concrete direction along the blade, in the continuing process of improvement and changes the subject to mixing and stirring. In the process of charging and transport, the mixing tube is transferred, concrete movement along the blade to the inside, the material, the mixing tube inversion, concrete discharged outward along the blade.

6. cleaning system cleaning system mixing the main role is to clean the tube, and sometimes also used for transportation of dry feed mix tube. Cleaning system is also a cooling effect on the hydraulic system.