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Tire Maintenance Knowledge in Winter

Tire Maintenance Knowledge in Winter

Oct 06, 2020

First, the need for winter tires to buy more winter rain and snow in the road facing north, in order to ensure the vehicle's handling and braking, the experts pointed out that the right to buy a winter tire is the best policy choice. Although both the winter all-weather tire part of tire performance, but when faced with snow and ice, or slippery.


New vehicles are more, many new car buyers the main driving inexperience, for the protection of traffic safety, more need to purchase winter tires. Tire manufacturers will launch an annual series of winter tires, especially for the northern winter snow and slippery pavement design, has a powerful grip and traction, anti-slippery, stability control, braking and strong, excellent performance to help recover the vehicle, but also to so that drivers will be safer, more comfortable driving experience.


Second, adjust the proper tire pressure

As we all know, climate and seasonal changes that affect tire life important objective factors


As the winter low temperatures, by thermal expansion and contraction of the tire pressure will be decreased, then, if not properly increase tire pressure, not only the increase in vehicle fuel consumption will accelerate tire wear, reducing tire life. Meanwhile, the tire pressure should not be too high, otherwise it will greatly reduce the friction between tire and the ground, reduced braking performance. Therefore, maintenance of the winter tire tire pressure is still the most important part.



Third, the ground check against winter tire


High summer temperatures, tire puncture accident occurred. Winter tires if poor maintenance, but also prone to puncture. As the temperature is low, extremely hard rubber tires, making the soft tire down the road if the vehicles meet the strong external impact foreign body, is likely to cause a puncture. Therefore, experts advise consumers to always give their tires to the tire shop to do professional body physical to prevent such incidents from occurring.



Winter is the season of the highest performance requirements of the tire. In addition to attention to routine maintenance, the proposed owners, especially the majority of consumers in northern China, for travel on snow safety, winter-specific tires should be replaced, and regular maintenance points to the professional testing and rotate the tires and tire balancing, etc. consolidation measures.