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Tractor and Low Bed Trailer Connection Notice

Tractor and Low Bed Trailer Connection Notice

Jun 23, 2020

Tractor and Low Bed Trailer Connection Notice

Tractor and low bed semitrailer connection Note Tractor low bed semi-trailer connection process all aspects of the connection of the tractor and semi-trailers, mainly in the traction kingpins’ connections and electrical Road connections.



Check twice before connecting the tractor saddle surface of the plate if there is enough grease, low bed semi-trailer towing pin, traction on a skateboard or other foreign material to ensure traction skate clean.

1. Low bed Semi-trailer towing Block Kingpins and traction skateboard Adjust the support legs, the low bed semi-trailer towing skateboard traction saddle height to adapt the general traction saddle than the tractor semi-trailer towing skateboard on the plane the center of 1-3 cm shall be careful not to be too high. Otherwise, sometimes not only can not connect, but also damage the traction Block kingpins and related parts.

2. Manipulation of the low bed semitrailer Fifth Wheel Lock in, open the locking block into the free state. Locking block open.

3. Tractor retrogression, tractor and low bed semitrailer centerline and strive to maintain consistent, centerline offset of the two vehicles is limited to 40 mm or less. Tractor saddle mouth alignment the kingpins slowly reversing until you hear the sound when the locking block return, the tractor and semitrailer successful traction.

4. Check tractor seat lock block lock kingpins, whether to lock securely.

5. Slightly forward tractors, check the connection is good.




1. The two pipe joints in the tractor (commonly known as the handshake), respectively, then in the semi-trailer on the pipe joints.

2. At this point the gas supply pipe of the tractor low bed semitrailer supply line connected to the control line of the tractor and low bed semitrailer control line of connection (Note that the color of the connector: install the same hue, do not install anti-).

3. Gas on the tractor Gas connector interconnected to unscrew the semi-trailer on the tractor gas line to connect the separation switch in ventilation status, otherwise the gas supply to the low bed semitrailer brake system, brake system cannot work. Start the engine, observe the barometer of the cab, the tractor and semitrailer gas cylinder pressure to the required pressure.

4. Check whether the low bed semitrailer gas leak, check the brake system is working properly.

5. Installed pneumatic

The tractor cable connector plugs into the semi-trailer the front of the seven-hole socket until the card bit card in seven-hole bolt block.

6. Check the electrode bonding well to confirm the edge lights and taillights light is working properly. Departure information map Confirmation of the instrument to normal after start driving again hang semitrailer.