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Tractor inspection and maintenance

Tractor inspection and maintenance

Jul 21, 2019

Overhaul of single-axis traction seat

1. During the maintenance of the stage, it is necessary to inspect the parts of the traction seat, in particular to check the wear of the traction pin, the traction pin plate, the semi-horizontal shaft, etc., and to lubricate these parts; tighten the support bolts and replace the bolts if necessary; Adjust the matching clearance between the hook and the traction pin. The adjustment method is adjusted by adjusting the screw. After the adjustment, the nut is locked.

2. When disassembling the traction seat, pay attention to check whether the traction seat itself has cracks and severe wear. If there is crack or severe wear and the traction seat is deformed or too thin, replace the new one; check the locking hole and use the traction pin for joint detection. If the wear limit exceeds the gap, the weld can be welded and processed to the required size for repair. The lock hook, lock block and wear ring can be replaced. Check the clearance between the support and the body. Replace the rubber elastic bushing; check the locking mechanism, unhook and connect should be smooth and smooth, the safety device should be stable and reliable, if there is any abnormality, check the lock hook spring and the numbered handle tension spring, check the insurance mechanism, if the spring elasticity is weakened Replace with new parts.

Overhaul of the two-axis traction seat

In addition to completing the same items as the single-axis traction seat, the inspection and maintenance of the two-axis traction seat should also pay attention to the following points:

1. Check the integral horizontal and vertical axes. If there is deformation and severe wear, it should be surfacing to the required size, repair or replace the new parts, ensure that the traction seat can flexibly swing horizontally and longitudinally, and the matching clearance should meet the standard.

2. Check the lateral swing angle and its two side buffers. If the lateral swing angle is too large, adjust it by the two-sided jaw block, and replace the new one when the buffer spring or rubber block is aged.