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Tractor truck control system

Tractor truck control system

Aug 02, 2019

Traction Control System, referred to as TCS, also known as ASR or TRC. Its role is to enable the car to get the best traction under all driving conditions. The control device of the traction control system is a computer that uses the computer to detect the speed of the four wheels and the steering angle of the steering wheel. When the car accelerates, if the difference between the rotational speed of the driving wheel and the non-driving wheel is detected to be too large, the computer immediately judges that the driving force is too large. The command signal is sent to reduce the fuel supply of the engine, and the driving force is reduced, thereby reducing the slip rate of the driving wheel. The computer grasps the driver's steering intention through the steering wheel angle sensor, and then detects the left and right wheel speed difference by using the left and right wheel speed sensors; thereby judging whether the vehicle steering degree is the same as the driver's steering intention. If it is detected that the car is understeering (or oversteering), the computer immediately judges that the driving force of the driving wheel is too large, and issues an instruction to lower the driving force in order to achieve the driver's steering intention.

The traction control system can prevent the vehicle from idling when driving on a slippery road such as snow, so that the vehicle can start and accelerate smoothly. Especially in snowy or muddy roads, the traction control system ensures smooth acceleration and prevents the vehicle from traversing or tailing due to the slip of the drive wheel.

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