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Troubleshooting for Water Sprinkler Pump Truck

Troubleshooting for Water Sprinkler Pump Truck

Dec 05, 2019

Troubleshooting for Water Sprinkler Pump Truck

One dedicated sprinkler pump cannot self-absorption of the reasons:

1, Dedicated sprinkler pump sprinkler not added within the reservoir storage solution or less

2, Sprinkler leakage dedicated sprinkler pump suction line

3, The sprinkler dedicated sprinkler pump speed is too low

4, The sprinkler dedicated sprinkler pump suction is too high or the suction line is blocked

5, The sprinkler dedicated sprinkler pump mechanical seal exposed excessive pollution

Dedicated pump, sprinkler troubleshooting method is not self-absorption:

1, Add a little liquid storage

2, Check and eliminate air leak

3, Adjusting the speed

4, Lower or reduce the suction line suction

5, Repair or replacement

Second, a low pressure sprinkler pump sprinkler specific causes:

1, The impeller or suction line blockage

2, The impeller or impeller seal ring wear serious

3, Lack of low speed power

4, Import or export of the valve is not open enough

Lack of dedicated sprinkler pump pressure sprinkler troubleshooting method:

1, The elimination of obstruction

2, The replacement of Sandy Bay

3, Add horse power to the speed of adjustment

4, Run the import or export of valves


Third, dedicated sprinkler pump sprinkler causes too much power consumption:

1, the amount of traffic

2, the speed is too high

3, pump shaft or impeller card touch distorted

4, the pump flow blocked or stuck

Watering too much power consumption dedicated sprinkler pump troubleshooting method:<

1, to reduce traffic

2, due to lower

3, the correction or replacement

4, the elimination of obstruction

Fourth, large sprinkler pump noise and vibration causes:

1, foot instability

2, cavitation phenomena

3, severe bearing wear

4, the sprinkler pump blocked or stuck inside the flow channel

5, the sprinkler pump or inlet pipe with debris

6, sprinkler pump and power machine two different axis of the spindle

Sprinkler pump, larger noise and vibration troubleshooting:

1, reinforcement

2, adjust the working conditions

3, replaced with new bearings

4, correction or replacement

5, clear debris

6, adjusting the coaxial