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Truck Tires Were Slashed 3 Commonly Solution

Truck Tires Were Slashed 3 Commonly Solution

Nov 05, 2019

Truck Tires Were Slashed 3 Commonly Solution

Truck tires is equivalent to our feet in the shoes, a pair of good shoes can make the appropriate flying our stride, but the shoes becomes a problem, ranging from uncomfortable to walk, wrestling may be even re-sprained foot. Car tire punctured bound to be sharp objects, burst tires you know how to handle it? Teach you the following recipe:

First Aid Type: fire a gun make 

The most common way to make tires in the tire hole fixing system parts Se Rute tape, tire repair shops will usually call it the master-type fetal fire a gun. Greatest advantage of this method is quick and easy, just a few minutes, and does not need to pry off the tire from the rim, and fire a gun-type fetal defects is not enough and durable, while still difficult to cope with a large wound, so usually only as a temporary remedy.


Missing block type: Paste fill

There is also a way to make sticky tires make. The so-called stick injuries compensation is to remove the tire from the rim to find the wound, the inner layer of paste special from the tire rubber tire repair, thus completing the trap. This method has the advantage of a larger wound can be repaired, the disadvantage is still durable enough, after a period of flooding and high-speed operation, the patch will appear again at the leak.

End Type: Fire meeting

The most radical measures are often said fetal complement the fire. Make the same fire under the tires to skid, then a dedicated film attached on raw wound, and then wound with baking machine baking, until the raw film and the tire completely fit. Complement the benefits of the fire is very durable, do not worry about the basic repeat leak. But it also has disadvantages, that is, the higher the technical requirements for construction as soon as the furnace control is not good when baking, it may be burned tires, but also a serious distortion, as a result of damage to the tire on the larger.

Professionals that make up tires is diverse, but not a panacea. If a tire wall (ie tire side) appeared greater than 1 cm wound, or the tread wear bar being reinforced and other objects, resulting in large holes, the general is best replaced with new tires. Because the rubber is not only difficult to make, mend after the effect is not reassuring, simply let it retire.

As for yourself, many of the auto market there is some fetal effects of agents, but also has strong limitations. For example, if the gas trap of the tires have been leaked out, then the onset of difficult. The fetal dose biggest flaw is very corrosive, both rims or alloy wheels, a long time down the damage there will be greater, and this injury is a direct result of not sealing rims and tires Yan led to leaks.