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Using Foam Water Fire Truck

Using Foam Water Fire Truck

Apr 23, 2020

Mounted on DONGFENG Chassis.

With a unique modularize structure, large equipment boxes, the truck is easy to be used and maintained. In term of different usages, these series fires trucks can be equipped with vary kinds of fire pumps with priming self-fall device.


High pressure pump and low pressure pump operating individually or united. The truck with middle (low) pressure pumps can perform large flux. Both of trucks above can make spraying process and water column, in high efficiency of extinguishing and low water waste.

This series fire trucks can be used for controlling and exterminating big fire of common matter and oil, very fast and in effect. This series fire trucks get good power capability, big load, nice appearance, strong ability of extinguishing, are ideal fire-fighting arms for big city .