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Vacuum Suction Sewage Truck Work

Vacuum Suction Sewage Truck Work

Oct 05, 2020

Hubei Chusheng Special Purpose Vehicle Co., Ltd( CSCTRUCK ) production of suction sewage truck using domestic technology leadership vacuum suction sewage pump, suction far, particularly suitable for sewage sludge within the pumping, shipping and disposing of, in particular to absorption sewage mud, silt, stones, bricks and other large objects; CSC to provide you with real suction sewage truck suction truck pictures, suction truck accessories, vacuum suction truck, the best suction sewage truck prices, CSC specializes in: Dongfeng XBW Sewage suction truck, Dongfeng Dollicar suction sewage truck, Dongfeng 140 suction sewage truck, Dongfeng 145 suction sewage truck, Dongfeng 153 suction sewage truck, Dongfeng 3208 suction sewage truck.

Vacuum suction sewage truck principle: by car driven power take off pump, pump light absorption sewage tank in the air, so that smoke pollution inside the tank in a vacuum jar, the jar is a vacuum because it is natural that the dirt will be sucked jar in the. But the tank material must pay attention, you must use at least 5cm thick steel plate production, or vacuum suction sewage tank will suck flat.


The air inside empty row, so that the tank into the vacuum, and then through the tube to the outside of the dirt drawn into the tank. Tank is also pressurized by the body discharges the tank. General vertical suction lift 6m, the level of suction 50 meters.


Vacuum suction sewage truck used in the sewage digesters, toilet out of it, pumping mud ponds, chicken factory farms factory out of dung, and the hotel clean food waste and living waste water, plant absorption sewage, and urban sewage ... ...

Sewage suction vacuum suction pump is operating in vehicles in the core. Hubei Chusheng special purpose vehicle generally use plant the first national quality assessment of Hangzhou Veyron pump, which the sealed tank of air pumped to a certain vacuum, the formation of negative pressure inside the tank, below ground or above the liquid manure, sewage, oil and other fluids automatic suction tank to harvest transportation.

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