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Waste Management Trucks and Skip Bins

Waste Management Trucks and Skip Bins

Apr 20, 2020

What is waste management? Simply put it is the collection of waste materials produced by human consumption and activity, transporting it to a facility that will treat it and then the recycling of the waste material, or if it is not reusable, disposing of it for good. Recycling products and materials is becoming the norm due to the growing understanding of the effects it has on our environment; concern about waste disposal practices to our surroundings and is an important issue to companies and local governments.

Governments and private companies aim to control waste by offering facilities to households and businesses to dispose of it, one of the main methods used are the provision of skip bins. Skip bins can be hired to collect a variety of waste including food, plastics, metal, furniture, timber and construction, garden and electronic waste.

Rear Lift Waste Collection Truck Brochure

The kind of skip bin required will depend on the type of materials you are planning on disposing of. For example, green waste skip bins are used for anything from tree clippings to grass and hardfill skip bins for substances like concrete, soil, rubble and tiles. Hazardous chemicals and contaminated waste can’t be put into skip bins due to the dangers involved and so for these materials it is necessary to call the local council and they will advise on how to dispose of them, hazardous substances include acids, solvents, cyanide waste materials, paints and oils.

There are also bulk bins and skip bin hire solutions for the collection of refuse from businesses such as building and construction sites, large size developments and industrial companies. As well as skip bins, amenities are provided to safely dispose of and destroy private documents such as quarantine stock, computer hardcopy, tapes and microfiche and out of date products. Electronic waste is also recycled these days and includes components from disused computers and other IT equipment. Collection and treatment services exist for clinical and medical waste from businesses and industries such as laboratories, surgeries, veterinaries, dental surgeries, food processing plants and hospitals.

The skip hire industry and resource recovery facilities are particularly essential for the future of the environment as they create an awareness of how everyone can help in increasing the amount of waste recycled and thus reducing landfill. Nations all over the world are joining in the attempt to find ways of recycling waste, from using complicated methods to change the calorific content present in waste into electricity or sorting through landfills to remove recyclable materials and reduce the amount of waste that needs to be disposed of.

Waste management is an ongoing problem for society, a problem that will never go away, but if managed effectively, can be controlled.