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Water Tank Trucks with Different Function

Water Tank Trucks with Different Function

Jul 08, 2020

CSCTRUCK water tankers can be used to transport liquids, firefighting, urban greening, drought relief, street washing and so on. Vehicle equipped with pediment, sprinkle and side spray, self-priming-specific pumps, the pump can pump water, with fire joints, gravity valve after the tank with a working platform, universal sprinkler guns, water can be adjusted to adjust the direction of size ( injection was column, mist).

Water Tank Truck Category:

According to the functions Application:

1.Water Sprayer Truck: is a spray-type sprinklers with a water tank for road washing, lawn spraying irrigation.

FOTON Water Sprayer Truck

2. Water Delivery Truck: is a drinking water tanker mounted truck, tank should be rust resistance, it normally fabricated with food grade stainless steel 316L. And a non-drinking water cart regularly called Water Carting Truck for industry chemical , or other industry application.

Dongfeng Water Delivery Truck

3. Water Jetting Truck: is a truck mounted water tank with high pressure water pump, this truck applicated for road cleaning, billboard, building cleaning with high pressure water nozzle. Now is widely used by city municipal.

Small Water Jetting Truck

4. Water Mist Sprayer: is a water tank truck rear platform mounted with a Dust Suppression Fighter Fog Cannon, use for dust controlling.

ISUZU Water Mist Sprayer Truck 

Distinguished by shape: a vehicle-type docking trailer-type sprinkler

There is a volume of tonnage and brands by category: CSCTRUCK sales volume sprinkler with 4 cubic meters, 5 cubic meters water truck, 6 cubic water trucks, 8 cubic meters water sprinklers, 10 cubic, 13 cubic, 15 cubic, and so on mounted on different commercial truck chassis.


Construction Description

Components: high-strength tanks, sub frame connected, sprinkler/discharge/high pressure pump, pipeline, valves , work platform, truck chassis. Pneumatical controlling, Electric System etc.


Water Tank Truck Chassis:

Recommended use water tank truck chassis

  1. FOTON model Forland, Auman, Aumark,

  2. SHACMAN model with F3000,

  3. SINOTRUK model HOWO T5G, HOWO light duty,

  4. DONGFENG model Realing, Captain, Dollicar, Kingrun, KC,

  5. FAW model J6P, J6H, and

  6. ISUZU model 100P, 600P, 700P, FTR, FVR, GIGA.

  7. JAC light duty model line


Tank Construction:

Tank materials, access to high-intensity 4-5mm (user choose) carbon steel or stainless steel production, the shape of elliptical cylinder tank.


The Pipeline System:

Pediment sprinkle, side spray; high side of the shower, universal water spray gun.



Start with the engine driven gearbox (power take off), take power and then driven sprinkler pump, the complete self-absorption process, pumping again after completion of the valve can be adjusted to spray out of the water in the tank. Spraying range: self-priming height: ≤ 7m, sprinkler width: 14m, maximum range: 28m; adjusted into a column with a range of 28m; adjusted into a fog, a range of 5m.


Self-priming/High Pressure Pump:

Pump starts, the impeller rotation, the impeller inlet to form negative pressure, suction line and pump the gas in the liquid mixture into the chamber through the pressure of the gas-liquid separator room. As the proportion of poor gas-liquid and gas separated from the liquid, discharged from the exit tube, the liquid in the gas-liquid separation chamber in the sink, after several cycles, until the gas suction drain tube full of liquid, complete self-absorption, adjustable valve to complete since the row.


Water Discharge Device

Pediment (spray) and sprinkle with side spray (shower), universal anti-aircraft artillery (rain, mist, adjustable column), water management, fire joints, gravity valve.