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What is Skip Loader Garbage Truck

What is Skip Loader Garbage Truck

Dec 11, 2019

Skip loader also called roll on roll off pickup garbage truck, arm roll garbage truck, roll off trash truck, CSC is the roll off hoist garbage truck supplier offer with reliable skip loader garbage trucks.

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The vehicle is applicable for carrying loading rubbish or garbage mostly, moreover, adequate for transporting sands, lime, stones soil various kind of construction material in bulk, and is available used to carry coal and ore in mines or diggings. Besides, the vehicle is widely applied in Environmental Sanitation, Town Planning, Enterprise, Property Residential quarter, cells where garbage are massed.

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Garbage container could be lifted on/off and motive repeated within 80 second periodically. Advantaged in separated garbage tank and vehicle body designing that ensures implement work of one vehicle with multi-garbage tanks associated works. Furthermore, cycle-transportation enhanced vehicle freight capacity effectively which are widely applicable for short-way transportation by environment-sanitation department.

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There are many kinds of garbage truck, since the early days of compression type garbage trucks, then often had foreign customers ask the type and constitute the truck, including basic principle of work. Today we give the client introduces the basic situation of the skip loader truck.

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Swing arm type garbage truck by DONGFENG,JIEFANG, FOTON ,CNHTC chassis. Swinging arm type truck can generally is the basis of the type chassis with unified supporting hydraulic lifter assembly, through two arms shipment around the unified national swinging arm type rubbish bucket, but more cars measures, take tipping function, achieve safety stable, reliable performance. Junk dou compartments body into press swinging arm type and pit ground amphibious type equipped with different forms of garbage fights., can be mounted against leakage fei yang pollution to adapt to different environment is used by domestic leading technology and demand of military enterprise accessories, reliable quality, but by manufacturers to provide users with junk dou drawings, assist users design rubbish.

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CSC factory can produce all kinds of sanitation truck, including garbage compressor truck, roll off garbage truck, skip loader truck, jetting truck, road washing truck, hook loaders, hook lifts truck, sprinklers, watering car, road sweeper, sludge truck, suction truck, vacuum truck. compression roll-off garbage trucks, roll-off garbage trucks, in order to satisfy the diversity of overseas customer needs.

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If customers in the use of CSC garbage truck have any questions, please call our 24-hour after-sales service hotline we must try our best to service for our clients.

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