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What the Main Type of Wrecker Trucks

What the Main Type of Wrecker Trucks

Oct 23, 2019

Wrecker truck brief introduction

Wrecker full name for the road rescue wrecker truck, also known as the tow truck, consists of a chassis, hoist equipment, lifting system, hydraulic system, electric control system, body and toolbox, designed with lifting, pulling lifts and towing and other functions, suitable for transporting severely damaged vehicles in highway, urban road.


Wrecker classification


Wrecker by categorized into integrated type, rotator type, self-loading wrecker, flatbed carrier type, multifunctional wrecker (lifting flatbed wrecker, crane wrecker), also could categorized as the weight , 2ton, 3ton, 5ton, 10ton, 15ton, 25ton, 30ton, 50ton, 60ton, 70ton.


According to the operating capacity is divided into light, medium and heavy duty. Light wrecker for carrying all passenger vehicles light duty trucks or light duty equipments. Medium wrecker for carrying medium duty trucks, equipments, cargo trucks, etc. Heavy wreckers are suitable for towing heavy duty trucks, heavy duty semi trailers, trailers etc.


Wrecker according to their characteristics can be divided into transportation type, lifting type.Transportation type is used for carrying the damaged vehicle to the carrier. Hoisting type is installed on platform with lifting device to the damaged automobile hold (or lift) off the ground, and the end is still on the ground, and then by the hoisting type wrecker dragged away from the scene.


Wrecker basically modified based on the second class chassis truck, according to the wrecker structure type can be divided into trucking, shipping, lifting transport, rescue (single arm and dual arm type) type wrecker.