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When to Replace the Water Truck Tires

When to Replace the Water Truck Tires

Dec 06, 2019

When to Replace the Water Truck Tires

Water truck tire impression printed by the side of a tire size, wheel marks and the make the standard, production number and code, such as maximum load, tire shoulders along the circle imprinted on Friday decile at the mark. This logo is the tire wear warning signal signs. When the tire tread wear to the bottom of 1.6mm away from the trench, this part of the trench began to break, resulting in a clear crack. To remind the driver to change a tire.

water brower tank truck

Countries in the world of tire wear limit sprinkler corresponding provisions: The United States provides for the water truck tire tread wear limit groove depth of not less than 1.0mm; Japan Association standards require sprinkler truck tires, passenger car tire wear limit is 3 .2 mm, passenger car tire wear limit is 1.6mm. China's national standards for passenger car radial tire tread wear limit is 1.6mm, trucks, passenger car radial tire tread wear limit is 2.0mm.

Tire wear indicator is not only the guarantee of safe driving, but also as a prosecution based on tire wear is normal. When any abnormal tire wear, tire wear indicator from it can be clearly displayed.

As we all know, spraying car tires not only to protect the carcass crown surface from the impact of the road, but also to maintain a certain adhesion with the ground. Adhesion between tire and road capacity depends on the role of the tire and road surface friction, the only good adhesion, be able to maintain a good braking effect. Adhesion between tire and road size, depending on the adhesion between tire and road surface coefficient. In addition to adhesion coefficient road conditions, speed and so on, but also related with the type of tire tread.

Tire wear patterns have a direct impact on driving safety. Especially in the wet road, the tire tread and is closely related to traffic safety, be sure to attach at the attention. With all of the gradual wear of tire tread depth, tire adhesion will gradually decline, while the sharp increase in braking distance into the non-linear, in the wet road, especially significant.


According to Engineering Manual BOSCH sprinkler (China Institute of Translation and Publication Project Green Car) 523 mentioned: initial velocity for the braking distance of 100km / h, in the wet road and tread depth of different non-linear increase in braking distance.

According to the data record: the 96.5km / h of speed 1mm in water sprinkler running on the road tire tread depth is 2 mm, if, then the braking distance of 11m; if the usual pattern close to the ground, the braking distance soared to 41.5m. Tire tread wear can be seen directly with the distance of the vehicle system. The tire tread to retain a certain residual that is conducive to road safety.