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Winter semi-trailer antifreeze

Winter semi-trailer antifreeze

May 16, 2019

Winter is coming, the temperature is plummeting, many riders reflect that the brakes are a bit slow when used in semi-trailers. In order to increase the safety of drivers and effectively avoid accidents, it is imperative to do anti-freezing measures for semi-trailers. Want to fundamentally solve the winter semi-trailer situation, it is indispensable - the condenser.

It is generally recommended to install a condenser on the line of the air pump of the semi-trailer that leads to the dryer. The condenser is installed in order to reduce the temperature of the gas pipe discharged from the gas pump through the condenser, convert the water in the pipe into condensed water, and discharge it through the condenser. Generally, the temperature of the gas pipe is inversely proportional to the condensed water produced. The lower the temperature, the more condensed water is produced and the better the discharge effect.

In addition, it is important to note that the type of semi-trailer is different and the location of the condenser installation will be different. It is generally recommended to install on the pipe between the pump and the dryer. Because the moisture discharged from the pump is discharged through the condenser and then discharged through the dryer of the semi-trailer, it is equivalent to two discharges, which is the case for both the symptoms and the root causes.