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2019 China Commercial Truck Sales 102000Units

2019 China Commercial Truck Sales 102000Units

Dec 20, 2019

Heavy Truck Sales Over 102 Thousand Units Will Run of A New Record 2019

On December 10th, official figures from the China Automobile Association came out. Heavy trucks sales in November were 102,000 units, up 13.8% year-on-year, and production was 119,000 units, up 32.2% year-on-year. Specific sales, please see the detailed data report brought by the website.

Heavy trucks increased 13.8% in November, with a cumulative sale of 1.08 million units

In November, the production and sales of all four major types of goods vehicles increased compared with the previous month, with the growth rate of heavy and minivans more pronounced, while the production and sales of medium-sized goods vehicles decreased compared with the same period last year, and other truck varieties showed different degrees of growth. 

In December, sales of heavy trucks increased by 13,000 units, up 13.8% YoY, while medium-sized trucks decreased by 0.1 million units, down 8.3% YoY, lighttrucks increased by 0.9 million units, up 5.2% YoY, and minivans increased by 0.6 million units, up 8.9% YoY.

From January to November, truck production and sales were 3.455 million units and 3.468 million units, respectively, with output up 1.1% YoY and sales down 1.5% YoY, with heavy goods vehicle production and sales completing 1.061 million units and 1.082 million units, respectively, up 4.7% and 1.6% YoY, respectively.


The chart above shows that heavy trucks sales in January-November were 1.082 million units, up 1.60% YoY, while sales of medium trucks were 127,000 units, down 22.09% YoY, light trucks sales were 1.69 million units, down 0.41% YoY, and minivan sales were 569,000 units, down 4.53% YoY.

The reason for heavy trucks’ increase? Can it create a new record?

Heavy trucks sales finally show an increasing trend in November, , although 102,000 heavy card sales are not very high, but from the entire truck market, the performance of heavy truck is also satisfactory.

What’s the reason for its increase?


Heavy truck market rise in November, the big boom-"double eleven", which greatly led to the express vehicle economy.

Heavy truck increment, there is also an important reason, is a large number of Euro 3 phase-out replacement. It is understood that the current market operation of heavy trucks, there are nearly 3 million Euro3 trucks facing elimination, many areas in our country have subsidy policy for heavy trucks.

In addition, with the arrival of winter, the demand for coal transport trucks is also growing, which made great contribution to the achievements.

The sales of heavy trucks reached 1.082 million units this year, more than we expected, so can it create a new record?

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