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230 Units Water Tank Truck To Venezuela Delivered From CSCTRUCK

230 Units Water Tank Truck To Venezuela Delivered From CSCTRUCK

Jul 13, 2015

Congratulations csctruck for exporting 230 units water tank trucks to Venezuela and delivered to Shanghai Port. 

This is the company's super exporting order after Nigeria project this year. The first batch order of 50 units has been completed. 

These water spraying trucks were ordered from JAC (a wholly-owned subsidiary of Jianghuai Automobile Holdings' subsidiary Anhui Jianghuai Automobile Investment Co., Ltd.) during President Xi Jinping’s visit to Venezuela in July 2014 and Venezuela Foreign Trade Co., Ltd., HAIMAN EL TROUDI DOUWARA signed a contract.

The chassis of these sprinklers were provided by JAC Company, and the superstructure part was completed by csctruck This batch of models is made in China and represents the products made in China. With the efforts of all colleagues of the company, the quality is strictly controlled, and the production process is strictly controlled according to the actual geographical conditions of the user to ensure that the product qualification rate is 100%.


Excellent quality and high cost performance are our magic weapon for winning large orders repeatedly!

230 Units Water Tank Truck to Venezuela Delivered from CSCTRUCK   6