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3 Units Oil Fuel Tank Semitrailer Deliveried Vietnam

3 Units Oil Fuel Tank Semitrailer Deliveried Vietnam

Jun 16, 2019

Model Number: CSC9405GYY



Customer Location: Da Nang City, Vietnam

Dealer Name: Do Ngoc Huan

Customer Industries: fuel transportation contractor

Order Numbers: 3 units

Order Production: Since June 16th 2019

Delivery Date: July 2019/ By road transportation

Trailer Type: Straight tanker

Body: Steel rolled, automatic welding, radiography

Chassis: Extruded high strength steel, Light weight design, welded by automatic Submerged-Arc processes

Axle: tri axle (Chinese FUWA brand)

Tank: 40000 liters/ 6 Nos of independent compartments

Ladder: Extruded Aluminum/ Rear mounted

Pump: No

More Information: Top aluminum cat walk, fuel tank loading for transportation with diesel and gasoline capacity ranging 40 CBM. Reliable API valves, Reliable manhole cover are fitted in different compartments.