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30 Nos Road Dump Trucks Delivered To Xingshan

30 Nos Road Dump Trucks Delivered To Xingshan

Aug 01, 2020

On July 28, 2020, Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle delivered 30 sets of Dongfeng Tianjin Phosphate Transporter in Xingshan, Yichang, and released a product service plan to help the economic and social development of Xingshan County. He Wei, chairman of the labor union of Dongfeng Company and deputy secretary of the Party Committee of Dongfeng Motor Group Co., Ltd., attended the event.

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Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle 30 units KINGRUN Phosphate Transport Truck in Xingshan, Yichang

At the delivery site, He Wei gave customers a golden key of happiness. Relevant leaders of Xingshan County, heads of relevant units such as Dongfeng Poverty Alleviation Office, Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle, Dongfeng Passenger Vehicle, Dongfeng Motor Co., Ltd., Dongfeng Asset Management Co., Ltd., and 30 transport truck drivers witnessed the delivery of vehicles.

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End User Received Trucks

These 30 Dongfeng Tianjin Phosphate Transport Trucks are ordered by customers at one time. They are specially launched by Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle for the operation of Yichang Xingshan Phosphate Mine. It is hoped that they will be able to provide strong power, reliable quality and good working conditions. Adaptability helps Xingshan's economic and social development. At the scene, He Wei and his party also visited the product exhibitions of Dongfeng Passenger Vehicle Company and Dongfeng Jingguan with relevant leaders of Xingshan County.

At the Xingshan Phosphorite Commodity Program Launch Conference of "Dongfeng Helps Damei Yichang" held by Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle, Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle introduced the latest product introduction of phosphate rock transportation and released special service plans.

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Introduction of the latest products of Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle Phosphate Transportation, and release of special service plans

The phosphate transport truck delivered this time is a 2020 Dongfeng Tianjin lightweight road transport dump truck. It adopts a high-strength leaf spring suspension, Dongfeng Dana 13T rear axle, and aluminum alloy drive shaft. Reliable and lightweight, the weight of the chassis is controlled at about 9 tons, which effectively reduces the weight and increases the cargo capacity.

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Dongfeng KIGNRUN Phosphate Transport Truck

The service plan promises to respond quickly to customer inquiries, answer accurately, and guide patiently, deliver each car to customers with quality and quantity, and achieve the goal of zero defect management, zero service error, and zero market gap; innovative service model, establishment Exclusive service supply chain, multi-point distribution reduces the service radius, making after-sales service work more efficient; at the same time, according to the characteristics of the coal transportation industry, corresponding financial plans are formulated. In the next step, a special disposal plan for second-hand cars will be formulated to provide customers with all-round services from car purchase, car use and car replacement.


Our company was established in 2010 and has long been engaged in the transportation of part of the phosphate rock of Xingfa Group. Since the establishment of the company, 90% of them have adopted Dongfeng brand vehicles. This year and last year, 110 units were ordered. Long-term cooperation with Dongfeng Company, the Dongfeng brand is trustworthy. If we continue to develop and grow in the future, we will continue to cooperate with Dongfeng Company according to the production volume. ——General Manager of Xingshan Transportation Co., Ltd.


At the press conference, Dongfeng commercial vehicle dealers signed hundreds of intention purchase agreements with local transportation companies. He Wei, Secretary of Xingshan County Party Committee Wang Xiaobo and others jointly witnessed the signing.


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Conference scene


Xingshan is the country's largest phosphate mine production county, and the phosphorous chemical industry is one of the pillar industries in Xingshan County. The mineral transportation market is prosperous. The release of the product plan by Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle is a closer and stronger performance of the economic cooperation between Dongfeng and Xingshan. Dongfeng and Xingshan's complementary advantages and joint cooperation will push the development of both parties to a new level and achieve new results.