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38 Unit Refuse Compactor Truck To South America

38 Unit Refuse Compactor Truck To South America

Oct 31, 2019

Nearly a month, 38 units Rear Loading Garbage Truck finally fully come out off the assembly line. After careful scientific technical design, the production department stuffs spent a lot of sleepless nights, also the finishing paint department crafted, coupled with the meticulous QC, and finally off the assembly line in advance of this exquisite 38 units Meilen U.S. calls compression type garbage truck.

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Truck to South America 2

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CSCTRUCK export more than 10 units garbage compactor trucks to south America, range from 14 cbm garage compactor truck, 3 cbm road sweeper,8 cbm sewage suction truck and 10 cbm water tankers and other garbage trucks .


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