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46Units Fire Fighting And Rescue Trucks To Uganda

46Units Fire Fighting And Rescue Trucks To Uganda

Oct 31, 2019

CSCTRUCK light, medium and heavy fire fighting truck including: water, foam, dry powder and so on, it is widely used for public security, fire brigade, large scale industrial and mining enterprise, petroleum, chemical industry, airports, sanitation and other fields, be able to fully meet the needs of different areas. Using in pushing out fire and rescuing people etc. All products are permit by national safety & protection department and showing on national bulletin. You will get the warranty of great quality and integrated service after sales from CSCTRUCK.

As the safety & protection department of our company, we engage in this line for more than 15 years and supply various fire protection equipment’s; fire fighting vehicle is the main product of them.

Uganda Police Force is planning to establish and operationalize 20 new fire stations country in order to reduce on fire incidences.

“We are expecting 46 Fire Fighting and Rescue trucks by March, 2013,” the Chief Fire Officer, Senior Commissioner of Police (SCP), Joseph Mugisa said these during the pass out of 20 Cadet Officers on 30th-Nov-2012 who had completed a course in the Science of Fire Fighting, Fire Prevention and Rescue at Fire Brigade headquarters.

“We plan to equip the fire stations with small vehicles and motorcycles to facilitate fire prevention and safety effort which is the core mandate of the fire service,” Mugisa said.

This year alone, the Brigade has rescued 94 people from pits, collapsed buildings, accident wreckages, jammed lifts, and fire.

They have trained a team of 52 Uganda Peoples Defense Forces (UPDF) Officers of the Engineering Brigade in firefighting and rescue techniques at Lugazi.

We have successfully exported to Brazil, Venezuela, Saudi Arabia, Bengal, Vietnam, West Africa countries areas and got a widely recognition among them. Otherwise, we can also order the different model for your special demand. With complete specification are all our preponderant products. We would like to be your strong supplier in China and a best friend at the same time. Welcome you to visit us and instruct us directly.

46Units Fire Fighting and Rescue trucks to Uganda