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8 Units FOTON Lowbed Trucks Exported To Bolivia

8 Units FOTON Lowbed Trucks Exported To Bolivia

Nov 20, 2019

CSCTRUCK will continue to export FOTON commissioned variety models of special trucks, since 2014 FOTON commissioned CSCTRUCK first time to produce and export 300 fire engines to Laos after this is the other batch of special vehicles, once again proved the strength of our factory’s design and productivity.

8 Units FOTON Lowbed Trucks1

8 Units FOTON Lowbed Trucks2

8 Units FOTON Lowbed Trucks3

Today, with the launch and widespread acceptance of China's "Belt and Road" initiative and capacity cooperation policy, more and more Chinese enterprises are increasing their foreign investment cooperation, exporting technology and management experience, and promoting the development of many developing countries. Fukuda Automotive, as the representative of China's equipment manufacturing enterprises, is further integrated into the new wave of globalization.

8 Units FOTON Lowbed Trucks4

8 Units FOTON Lowbed Trucks5

8 Units FOTON Lowbed Trucks6Accords to CAAM; China Association of Automobile Manufacturers; China Association of Auto Manufacturers records that China's auto exports rose for the first time in 2017 after four consecutive years of decline. Unlike the fatigue of auto exports in recent years, FOTON's overseas exports have maintained a accumulate growth force. 

8 Units FOTON Lowbed Trucks

8 Units FOTON Lowbed Trucks8

8 Units FOTON Lowbed Trucks9Currently, FOTON's export markets are concentrated in Vietnam, the Philippines, Myanmar, Iran, Chile and Bolivia, accounting for about 60%. From the perspective of terrain these countries are located in Southeast Asia, Central and South America, and North And Asia.

In 2016, Foton Motor, together with Daimler, Cummins, ZF and other top global supply chain partners, integrated the world's leading technology resources, the launch of the first batch of Internet super truck products, not only for export countries to bring high-quality logistics and transportation carriers, but also to make the world people realize "high-tech", "high-value" "Made in China." According to Foton's "2020 Plan", Foton Super Truck will gradually penetrate into the domestic transportation sector, and go to the world in sync.

8 Units FOTON Lowbed Trucks10

8 Units FOTON Lowbed Trucks11In 2017, CSCTRUCK, on the basis of consolidating its original share of overseas markets, carried out the promotion of the whole value chain through product line expansion, sales network development, manufacturing, service, accessories, etc., and opened up access to Southeast Asia, West Asia, North Africa, Central and Eastern Europe, Africa, Central and South America, and formed The West Asia, North East Asia, Central and South American core market, at the same time to achieve South Korea, Australia, Turkey and other developed markets to enter.