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Bulk Water Tank Trucks Exports To Tajikistan

Bulk Water Tank Trucks Exports To Tajikistan

Nov 01, 2019

Dec 15th, 2018 the day for CSCTRUCK LIMITED celebrating total 53 unit’s special trucks for Tajikistan. "The order came too difficult; after the final process totally spent more than a year." the exporting manager Mr. Tony Wong had been said with the reporters. 

Spet 18th , the special and long-awaited orders had been make the final deal from Tajikistan customer ,the ordered special truck include bulk cement tanker trucks, customized fuel tank trucks, anti-corrosion water tank trucks, truck crane manipulators, rear-loading refuse packer trucks total 53 pieces of trucks had been started in production in CSCTRUCK plant.

Dec 2006, Tajikistan DAER KANG CO., LTD purchased of 10 units Dongfeng 6×4 cement mixer truck and 2 units Dongfeng 6×4 bulk cement tanker trucks through a foreign trade company produced by CSCTRUCK who had been paid great attention to the the export business opportunities. CSCTRUCK had been tracking a good customer after sale service, been kept abreast of the truck usage and individual needs. In the 2007 Urumqi Foreign Economic Relations and Trade Fair, CSCTRUCK had been warmly invited the person who in charge of Tajikistan Daer Kang Co., Ltd. to see the latest products launched with professionals by us. In the Fair, our engineer attention that the buyer are more talk about how the truck will be used in good performance, how the manufacture carry out their good service, and create more value for our customers. After two years market testing, DAER Company is very satisfied with the specialized products and services. May 2010, the company signed the procurement contracts with CSCTRUCK. However, due to the impact of the international financial crisis, Tajikistan strictly control loans, the deal was resulting in the miscarriage. After two years, in Dec 2012, good news had been spread out in CSCTRUCK that DAER Company started the dedicated purchase program again, after serials proposal CSCTRUCK got the order rely on its available detailed parameters according to DAER companies’request. 

May 18, 2013 the first 53units truck orders came to CSCTRUCK.

After receiving the order, CSCTRUCK immediately held the meeting specifically with production dept, manufacturing dept, designing dept, equipment dept, sales dept, service dept and other relevant departments.

At 18 o'clock on 15th Dec, the total 53 units export trucks had been fully ready for delivery in CSCTRUCK plant.

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