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BYD Electric Road Sweeper Truck T8F At Exhibition

BYD Electric Road Sweeper Truck T8F At Exhibition

Nov 06, 2019

The 9th Shanghai International Environmental Solid Waste, Cleaning Equipment and Technology Exhibition was held at Shanghai Everbright Convention. Beijing sanitation group with a number of electric sanitation vehicles debuted at the exhibition, including electric sanitation vehicle jointly built by BYD and Beijing Sanitation Group. Especially electric sanitation car T8F showed at the Military parade.

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Electric Sanitation Trucks

On the 70th anniversary celebration of the founding of People's Republic of China. Before the parade, T8F, a completely electric sweeper new fleet, jointly created by BYD and Beijing Sanitation Group. As the "advance troops" of the parade, T8F is responsible for the cleaning of the road to make sure no dust when kicking the right step. T8F Successfully finished the security tasks, and tribute 70th birthday of the motherland with outstanding achievements. Moreover, this is the second time that the fleet created by BYD and Beijing Sanitation Group 

Serves the parade, show the world again China's leading new energy green technology and high-end manufacturing level.

Why the development of new energy sanitation vehicles?

In July 2014, the State Council issued "Guidance on Speeding up the Promotion and Application of New Energy Vehicles". To clarify the principle and route of promoting "public and private" new energy vehicles. The public service areas such as postal, logistics, sanitation and administration as a breakthrough in the promotion and application of new energy vehicles.

Electric Sweeping Truck

In June 2018, the State Council promote the use of new energy in the Three-Year Action Plan for Winning the Blue Sky Defense War. New energy vehicles will produce and sell about 2 million units in 2020. Speed up the use of new or clean energy vehicles for new and updated public transportation, sanitation, postal services, rental, commuter, light logistics and distribution vehicles in urban built-up areas, with a percentage of use reaching 80% in key areas.


Traditional sanitation vehicles have high fuel consumption, high emissions, high noise, high heat radiation and other problems. They make contributions to urban sanitation while causing secondary pollution to the environment in the course of operation, the development of the industry is difficult to sustain. The promotion of electric sanitation vehicles is a firm action to implement the three-year action plan for the fight against pollution.

What are the advantages of new energy sanitation vehicles compared with the traditional sanitation vehicles?

First of all, let’s take environmental protection into consideration. High-power diesel engine models represented by sanitation vehicles emit large emissions, and in the process of driving operation, the resulting exhaust gas, noise and thermal radiation also caused great secondary pollution to the city.

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Urban sanitation work have to face high noise and air pollution every day. Sanitation workers' working environment and public travel environment are all polluted by diesel exhaust. Replaced with electric vehicles, it can effectively reduce exhaust, noise and heat radiation pollution and improve the city's ecological environment.

Secondly, although the cost of electric sanitation vehicles is relatively high, but the difference between fuel and electricity is obvious, coupled with the advantages of maintenance costs, the costs are much lower than traditional fuel vehicles.

What advantages does BYD have in terms of electric sanitation trucks making? Why did it serve twice parade?

BYD began developing electric trucks in 2012, it is not only the earliest domestic enterprises that invest in new energy truck researching, but also the first enterprise in China to put new energy trucks into commercialization and large-scale operation. Especially in the field of completely electric heavy trucks, BYD has accumulated more than 4 years of experience in commercialization and large-scale operation, leading the global new energy heavy card industry transformation.

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Thanks to BYD's strong research and development capabilities and vertical integration capabilities, as well as the core technologies of the entire industrial chain for batteries, motors and electronic control. BYD has developed electric tractors, sanitation vehicles, slag trucks, concrete mixers and other all-round models, therefore improve the technology of new energy trucks filed.

Up to now, BYD electric sanitation vehicles are widely launched in the United States, Brazil, China's Beijing, Hangzhou, Shenzhen, Xi'an and other cities and regions, the operation effect is excellent, and has accumulated wealthy experience of market operation.

More than 20 electric sanitation vehicle T8F outstanding completion of the task to pay tribute to the 70th birthday of the motherland. 

The all-electric sanitation vehicle T8F on display is a brand-new model designed by BYD to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the China. Representing the top level of China's sanitation equipment manufacturing.

Electric Sanitation Street Sweeping Truck

The T8F model is a combination of BYD's many years of experience in electric vehicle design. Equipped with BYD's own research and development of the second-generation integrated bridge and CP24C new cab, to create a flagship brand of safety, economy, comfort, technology in the field of sanitation vehicle.

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On the appearance, the side body waistline runs from side to front face, one breath, chrome-plated decorative strip is more refined, dynamic dive attitude, passing the technology's efficient dynamic aesthetic design concept. In particular, angel-eye matrix headlights, integrated with a new generation of three linear elements of the day time driving lights, equipped with AUTO automatic on function, improved safety, more convenient to use.

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The four-point suspension cab is equipped with 14-way adjustable seats, suspended TFT LCD meters, multi-active steering wheel, one-click start-up, D-Link suspension media screen, etc., taking into account practicality, technology and aesthetics.

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Chassis, as BYD T8 series third-generation sanitation chassis, using platform layout, reserved for adequate layout space, including T8 models of the second type chassis in five years has been equipped with a number of washing cars, sprinklers, compressed garbage trucks, railing trucks, more suitable for hook-arm garbage trucks, dust trucks, road sweepers and other common sanitation vehicles. Quality is worthy for customers to trust.

BYD T8F configuration drive integrated bridge assembly technology, set 140kW motor plus 4-speed AMT transmission plus 16 tons axle in one, with the advantages of compact space, smooth transmission, smaller size, oversized carrying, convenient maintenance. Transmission efficiency is much higher than traditional axles in conventional trucks.