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Chariot Is Ancestor For Sweeper Trucks

Chariot Is Ancestor For Sweeper Trucks

Dec 26, 2019

In fact, every truck in our life has an evolution process, there is an indelible history, of course, water cleaning truck, the sanitation expert is no exception; Not long ago in the browsing of foreign websites, accidentally found a few old photos of the history of the Denver street sweeper, specially taken out and share with you.

Chariot is Ancestor for Sweeper Trucks

Speaking of Denver may be a lot of people think of the first thing is the NBA's Denver Nuggets, mention this year Iverson and Anthony made up of the golden double gun is still on the mind, and then it should be biased, then let’s directly into the article, first take a look at the Denver streets of those cleaning trucks.

Chariot is Ancestor for Sweeper Trucks1

The cleaning truck is an important part of special truck, which can be called the city's beauty and beautification experts; at the beginning of Denver's streets is a horse-drawn sweeper, the back of the carriage pulls a water tank, which contains water for cleaning the road, but the carrying water is not too much, under the carriage we also see the roller brush, which should be used for road sweeping.

Chariot is Ancestor for Sweeper Trucks2

Chariot is Ancestor for Sweeper Trucks3


Old photos of Denver street cleaning trucks spilling water are usually pulled by two horses, and the driver is able to sit on top of a water tank as the cleaning truck is remodeled.

Chariot is Ancestor for Sweeper Trucks4

Glenn Duffield, denver's head of street sweeping at that time, came up with the idea of using Fordson tractors as sweepers instead of horse-drawn cars to clean the streets. Tractor-style cleaning trucks on denver streets in 1925 show the driver sitting high on a water tank, controlling the truck through the steering wheel. Starting from this tractor, modern road sweepers have entered a new era of rapid development.


From the first horse-drawn cleaning truck to the later tractor-style, is largely due to the industrial revolution of the time, and with the changes in history, the progress of the times, the cleaning truck has gradually developed to the present appearance, history is the cleaning truck from scratch to have the best witness.