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City Leader Meet With CRRC CEO

City Leader Meet With CRRC CEO

Aug 09, 2019

Mr. Chen Ruifeng the Party Secretary of Suizhou City Receive Mr. Gu Yifeng CEO of CRRC Urban Traffic Co.Ltd

August 9th,2019,Mr. Gu Yifeng(CRRCSH CEO & Party Secretary) and his CSCTRUCK leaders team-visit

Suizhou,Mr.Chen Ruifeng (Party Secretary & Mayor of Suizhou City) have a reception for the investigation and survey in base of a cooperation. Work together and communicate for promoting,upgrading of the state-special truck industry of Suizhou.
The meeting was accompanied by Lin Changlun (Member of CPC Suizhou Standing Committee & Deputy Mayor ), Zhou Yalin (Director of the Municipal High-tech District Management Committee)etc.

p.s: Hubei ChuSheng Commercial Truck Co.,Ltd (Short as CSCTRUCK)who is the special vehicle business base and a wholly-owned subsidiaries for CRRC Urban Traffic Co., Ltd(short as CRRCSH).
City Leader Meet with CRRC CEO 1
Chen Ruifeng (Party Secretary & Mayor of Suizhou City)welcomed the visit of Gu Yifeng (CEO & Party Secretary of CRRCSH)and his team, and he pointed out that suizhou currently confront with a new historical mission, Focus on building a new industrial city, building as a national emergency industry base. CRRC is china's advanced manufacturing industry standing as a international "Golden Card". Expressed his high appreciation that CRRC invest a great demonstration significance of high intelligent equipment industry projects in Suizhou.

Gu Yifeng (CEO & Party Secretary of CRRCSH) introduced with Mr. Chen Ruifeng from CRRC's development process, product positioning, development strategy and policy needs. Detailly introduced the construction plan of the CRRC”s commercial vehicle industry base in Suizhou City.

Gu Yifeng said, ChuSheng Commercial Truck (Also known as CRRC Urban Traffic Commercial Vehicle Division) carrying the major mission of building the "Double Hundred Project" of the CRRC’s commercial vehicle business. CRRC will improve CSCTRUCK’s  research and development in production, sales, service industry chain, boost CSCTRUCK to be better and stronger.

CRRC will be optimized through the capital structure, upgrades the technical process, market resource integration, strategic initiatives such as business model innovation. Research and development of commercial vehicle industry, manufacturing and investment headquarters base in Suizhou, targeting the mid- to high-end market, Increase investment in research and development in areas such as intelligence, realize to enter the top three within three years and reach the industrial scale of 10 billion yuan, strategic goals for entering the world's top three within five years. CRRC is confident that  CSCTRUCK will become the benchmark enterprise in the Suizhou special truck industry. Contribute to the transformation and upgrading the vehicle industry, and he also hope a further expand cooperation in smart transportation in Suizhou City.

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Secretary Chen Ruifeng expressed his admiration and appreciation for The Feeling of Chairman Gu Yifeng to build a national brand, confidence in the global layout of CRRC in the field of commercial vehicles. Secretary Chen Ruifeng refers that Suizhou’s special truck with a problem that "Large Quantity but Not High Standard Quality", at present, there is an urgent need for leading enterprises in the industry such as CRRC to play a leading role in the industrial for quality upgrading, promote and create of a number of key enterprises with international influence, and overall enhance the development industry capacity of Suizhou truck city. Hope that both sides will take a long-term view, continue to deepen cooperation, Suizhou municipal committee, the municipal government will do a good job of service protection, support the special industry to be bigger and stronger.